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Fresh the little piece of family is ready to take your order Ledo pizza square because legal pizza never cuts corners of illegality deal be traffic let's get your storm team four forty four cast years NBC forced the prince of valley good evening del good evening a glorious day today seventy one with all the sunshine at Washington's Reagan national airport I wish I could tell you telling friends that's going to continue but it's not we got some changes coming with some showers and maybe a couple of thunderstorms in the forecast not just tomorrow but also even Wednesday and Thursday let's break it down tonight clouds increase after a very nice evening or in the lower sixties now we settle back into the fifties overnight there could be a shower sneaking in toward daybreak but few showers and thunderstorms will be around tomorrow a specially afternoon and evening that's when we're going to be watching for some strong storms possibly highs upper sixties to near seventy now Wednesday there could be a couple showers first thing in the morning maybe a thunderstorm but most of the day is okay looks partly cloudy breezy warmer into the mid to upper seventies Thursday new system arrives with another round of showers and storms that will wind down in the afternoon but then it turns clear it turns blustery and cooler will hit a high near seventy but then cooler air spills in Thursday night so Friday we're stuck in the fifties partly sunny breezy noticeably cooler numbers right now we are in the fifties with settle back to fifty seven R. Cole fifty four in Purcellville and it is fifty six in upper Marlboro that Steve thank you very much sixty three degrees outside our studios brought to battle in the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week it's nine twenty now the latest on the corona virus pandemic British prime minister Boris Johnson's condition getting worse he's been moved to intensive care at the London hospital where he was admitted last night he was first.

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