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I'd still probably be a little bit more quo of throwed Markey's Goodwin. But Dante Pettis. You know? Wherever you said is great man those routes. That's been a big thing that people have been Harbin throughout training camp. In is all a lot of fan kinda getting down on them calling buzzed already. And the reason why you don't register judge especially why rookie receivers is. You heard him in the post game interview saying talking about like you said the crease nap. You know, read in his adjustment to make those are things that these young guys learn in time, and they didn't have to do a lot of these things in college. So give these time in and just seeing listening to him you understand. Okay. This guy is progressing. You're going in the right direction. You have to. You know, let these guys let these young especially receivers living together. But yeah, I know you asked me who am I more scared of and I probably would say Goodwin. Just because in a straight line. He didn't he can threaten he can threaten the defense. He was a lot more pressure on a Beatles. Yeah. I think that in previous games Pettus played a little bit of both the x and z and has even played in the slot. So I think Goodwin probably assumes his position what he's been playing and pet is kind of a little bit more of the garso's role. But these are I think at this point two of the top three options of the forty Niners have out on the field. And it'll be good especially against the Broncos who are coming in little limping which we'll talk about here in a second. But real quick, let's it some some top stories for maybe about two or three minutes as we get through before Broncos. Matt Brita finally succumbs to a second ankle injury on the same ankle and as out for week fourteen. He's gonna miss his first game since high school. So for all of you people that are saying that he's injury. Prone that surprising because he hasn't missed a game in a very long time someone else. Oh Jakubowski tart out with a shoulder stinger. That's been bothering him all year. So now, I don't know who the hell the team's gonna play safety. Eric you should give him a call. You wanna stand out in front of four nine four nine.

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