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And i i Collaborate on way skate queensland with a group of others so it's co founded by chore waldren. Who's from the gold coast. Av rider who from brisbane. Got some new faces in the same like many milk. Travek who's from brisbane us and we're all different ages. Different backgrounds will bring different community experiences to the group that can really Yeah so there's make it more inclusive for as many people as we we we try to anyway and we've been working with a lot of a new groups that are popping up in brisbane lacking clearly skateboarding and depth discrimination big focus on gender fluid non binary gender non conforming skated quotas and really just trying to evolve with the people that are coming in one escaped and making that space. Everybody's it's been the best thing that i've decided to degree was You know made. Do you go skate. Go-goes like on like of noticed a lot more famous miles and Stuff getting at to skate boxing. That nab since you know. I pray steam The ghost geico. Chris soften pcs. Not like when i first started gone it was not that many goes out slack and neither ridden goes. The sane is is blowing up massive smo- which is a good thing up. That's one thing that Way one in the indigenous as well like in the sun learn sing is to get more goes in boat indigenous goes. Yeah absolutely emily. Actually do you wanna talk about song. Line a bit more. So what does song line skating do so months. Skateboarding is a first nations. Abe boarding team. And it's the first one ever. Sorry we're trying to get as much lack exposure out there. been a little bit of big like a few companies Person and sheryl stopping on it. Like i was meant to be going to w. a. for the rumble of rockingham but unfortunately because the carbon stuff and all the couldn't go bobby going to the next one. But this this what i'll in w. a. they'll be having a pretty big turn out for the indigenous cadence which yeah be rude to say and we want to focus on giving back to community as well because we would go out to remark where they don't have the access to things that wager like Skateboards and all that kind of stuff. So may and josh where burn whose. He's the founder of.

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