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You haven't been to grandma or GRANDPA's. GRANDPA's house or one of your elders, and you just WanNa. Share some thoughts you know what it means to have to put their safety I put it before that urge to WanNa go and see them. You can share thoughts to. Maybe you have a special message to your elder that you know at eleven. O'clock mountain time turns on that radio and his listening to what they're talking about. A native America, calling they're going. Going to hear it go ahead and dial in one, eight, hundred, nine, nine, six, two, eight, four eight right now. We're GONNA, go to Washington. DC WE HAVE CYNTHIA ACCOUNT with us. She is a director of the Office for American Indians Alaska. Natives and native Hawaiian. Programs administration on Aging and it's with the Department of Human Health and Human Services and she is Turtle Mountain Chippewa our pleasure to have her here. Welcome Cynthia. Thank you very much great to have you here also on the line to and Albuquerque New Mexico's Larry Curly. He is the executive director for the National Indian Council on Aging and he is Navajo my pleasure to have him here Larry. Thank you for being with US welcome. Thank you as well? And so the two of you head up to organizations that are looking a lot when it comes to keeping our elders safe, and especially during these times and so Cynthia I, WanNa talk to you about maybe some of the different programs that were implemented because of the pandemic or things that just seem to get more robust on efforts to D. to support our elders. Go ahead Cynthia. Thank. You very much I'm excited that Clifford from Mattila called in because that is one of the programs that we fund and also I. Want You to know that Chris Cla Bundy's from Anchorage. He'll be talking later. is another of the programs that we fund so I I? Want folks to really listen because those are the the folks on the ground for what I'm doing out here in DC. And we knew that with elders isolating at home. That, we would have increased mates for cleaning supplies for covert. We knew we would have increased need for food. meals for as long as we keep our kitchens open and provide them and for food, the delivery of food so that the elders aren't having to leave their homes and communities and go out to the Walmart eighty miles away or the big grocery store eighty miles away. We want to deliver everything to keep seniors safe and living in their communities. And so that has been. That's up to the tribes. One of the beauties of the program that I get to manage is that it's truly tribally determined so Mattila can decide how they're going. Tau They best serve their elders Navajo can do the same and my relatives up in Turtle Mountain can do the same, so every program is really really different..

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