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Make it a break if you like it you make it you don't like it right now you break it let's go to jude in greensboro make it a break it i think make it all the way all right let's go to megan an arch dale make it a break it break it all hill hi how 'bout nicole in danbury make it a break it right yeah break amanda lexington make it a break it break it break what did not like about it well it's like taylor swift use this thing country now she's into pop and what is just in kimberley dealing going in to like take no were what are they doing all right george tan or christina in reads they'll make it a break it break it all right and then corey in winstonsalem he also says break jason goodman what do you think make it a bright it's always hard for me to hear new song here at ten times before i can make my decision in some of the songs that start out raf tend to be the songs that left the longest if they become hits and you get you right the songs that you like right away tend to fade out the quickest i liked that one out while i want are you are in charge of that in the song i just didn't hear the hook to well but sometimes that comes after i hear it a bunch of times i'm going to say for now make it may give you a dinner makeorbreak a i in the very beginning was going to say break it because i felt insane when i was listening no what was happening when i was you know and then in the meet other song all of a sudden i found my groove if you will and i found myself more of an i'm not on it's not a lot group just a little bit and so now i say i want to hear more i say make it an older people are you feel crazy i was in my movies movie saw or something what about using when he got me all the tools six in the morning amac into it.

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