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Centerville. That's getting a little bit easier. Loudon County Parkway, it wax Cool road. We just had a collision. This one's new now from garage door prepared calm. The W M A L storm art. Seven forecasts will have wins this morning gusting to around 20 MPH with a high temperature of 45 degrees. It will feel like we're in the midst of her thirties tomorrow will have similar conditions. The little more sunshine too, But Friday we're back to clowns is we want her next weather maker past well south of the D C area. ABC seven meteorologists Rodica Johnson in the store. My seven Weather center right down the nation's capital, 40. Degrees 6 56. W M. A new year new budgets Every small business has unique needs. And when you partner with Adele Technologies Advisor you get real time paillard advice. They'll even give you a free consultation on your servers and storage devices to develop a custom solution to help improve your company's productivity's. Plus get special financing with del Business credit and big savings on business computers with Intel Core processors. Cola del Technologies advisor at +877 asked Del Newsmax TV is the biggest thing on cable news, which shows including Dick Morris, Rudy Giuliani, Michelle Malkin, Diamond and Silk, Mike Huckabee, Alan Dershowitz and more every night Watch news. Max is Number one show, Greg Kelly reports. Greg Kelly tells you the truth about Trump. Newsmax is on all major cable systems. Check your guide or tell your operator you want Newsmax 30 Million Americans Watch Newsmax TV and download.

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