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Okay well that's what happened amy i did appreciate your emojis because i knew what you were trying to say one that you were my i really felt like you're close for new yesterday shaded that thanks for letting me know because you didn't reply yeah no that personally because i know during those hard moments not getting revived from you i've finally starting to understand like either i just need to be okay with no reply or fistbump emoji whatever it doesn't mean anything bad needed space but here's the thing some times in live so we all have pain good man wow okay enough talking don't talk about it anymore so i'm gonna hit this button right here maybe what's your take on aliens out there somewhere yes or no no lunchbox not a chance get outta here with that hog wash so i definitely don't think there are but i don't know there aren't it's just vast there's no way for me to say that something doesn't exist so that being said they went to buzz aldrin the famous astronaut i of the moon and they had him take a lie detector test about whether he thought yeah and he has the lie detector test okay what did he said he saw something up yeah that he thinks aliens yes when he was up there okay and he's could see there's always an excuse just wanted to put that out in the atmosphere so there you go there's that in the atmosphere i get their buzz aldrin by the way let me say this i didn't talk the real lunchbox lunchbox did you watch me on american idol or no.

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