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Well, I have a list here at list. I thought you guys would be interested in its the twenty five most, and we can do, you know, the top five dangerous jobs in America. Some will surprise you most won't. Yeah. Researchers from twenty four seven Wall Street recently conducted a study to determine what they are and to do. So they reviewed fatal injury rates for seventy two ocupation 's and after analyzing the results determine, well, actually, not going to tell you you can guess they counted Gillette's done the fucking brain cleanse of society. We'll have nobody to fill these jobs deadliest jobs deadliest jobs, and there's a lot of these have a. Real income disparity between how dangerous it is. And how little you actually make for doing it anything involving being on a roof like anything involve heights anything that you can fall off of is always a bad sign number four. You can have anything happen to you. But if you're on terra firma, you're not gonna die doing it. Three stories above something you misstep. Here you roll your ankle. You do it on a roof. You could die as military considered. No, compassion. Also, the stuff is not normally like you go. Oh, sore juggler or something like that. But it's lion bait it's not as. It's mostly like construction. Right. You know, it's all like building construction stuff. Anything to do with the extraction of like oil gas coal mining oil rigs study involving died on the job. Because like you said if the coal thing, you're gonna get get most fates and and injuries on Israel. Yeah. So as mail carrier on there because those guys have been my dog all the time. I think they made the top twenty five I think you'll be surprised by how low one of them is adamant, but the rest of us might be. Through. Considering the carpet tallies. The leading cause of death UPS driver. Fedex driver, something along those lines driving big rig that big box trucks driving twelve thirteen hours a day. Mining machine operators. You mentioned coal and stuff. That's number twenty. But if you want to stick with what the top ten is. I don't think we super surprised by what it's not like exciting like cop or prison guard or that or even firemen, you know, it's more building construction machinery stuff. You're absolutely right. Because I thought it was some of you, though, not Adam would be surprised that firemen out of twenty five was twenty four. So not so twenty three more dangerous jobs. According to this list. I'll just run a few for you number ten electrical power line installers repairs number nine first line. Supervisors of landscaping you. Did you say that? Yes. Okay. That's number ninety eight. Thanks, ranchers, all the stuff. Anything involves a quick -ment in you being involved, but the equipment. My grandfather was a firefighter fire, captain, in fact, from the thing he said always watch out for after earthquake the number one thing to watch. Up down power lines. We'll skip ahead a little bit number five refuse and recyclable material. Collectors there you go for roofers, aircraft pilots and flight engineers, number two logging workers and number one, which there's a TV show about it. So we shouldn't be surprised tuna boats fishing fishing workers to do with the ocean or the elect or here's the deal ocean or going into a whole, right or electrically or a big time. Yup. Equipment. That's the list list. All those things. Get my kids to get newfangled jobs. I'm not so dangerous. We're doing dangerous. All right. One more. All right. Well, let's see here. Oh, another former member of the Trump administration will be among the contestants on big, brother. Celebrity addition. We had Omarosa on there. And now we welcome the mooch. These scare Mucci will compete against Olympia. Ryan locked e and Lillo Jones Dina lo Han reality TV stars taymor Braxton and candy Burruss actor Joey Lawrence comedian, Tommy. What show what what shows this? This is a big brother celebrity mean girls star Jonathan Bennett NFL star Ricky Williams William elect me on the camera helmet. Whoever wrestler, Natalie even Marie and OJ. Simpson's. Former pal Kato kaylin and good news. The show will return January twenty first and Julie Chen will be there to host. I thought you wanna take ever family off? I I I don't watch big brother couldn't tell you feels weird to me..

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