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Hockey and basketball teams hitting the court tonight. Yeah, that's right. The wizard's just a few minutes from tip off at Capital One arena they're hosting the Detroit Pistons in dire need of a win. They're sitting just a half game behind Chicago for the last play in spot in the east, and they will do so shorthanded tonight as Kyle Kuzma's knee soreness as opened up a spot in the starting lineup for Corey kispert. Meanwhile, the capitals in New York, they face the rangers, no Alex Ovechkin. It's only the 29th game of his career missed due to injury, Sonny Milano also sidelined for a cap squad currently 5 points behind the islanders for that last wild card playoff birth. NFL free agency ramping up pro bowlers on the move to the NFC east no less as Dallas sending one of the 5th round compensatory picks they just got, sending that to Indianapolis for Stephon Gilmore in the New York Giants Cassandra third round pick to Las Vegas for Darren Waller. Back home, Taylor heinecke will celebrate his 30th birthday at home tomorrow as in Atlanta, the now former commander's quarterback, agreeing to a two year deal with his hometown falcons, Andy Dalton, not an option for a replacement here in Washington, is the red rifle agreeing to a two year deal in Carolina. The commanders did, however, tender Pro Bowl, special team or Jeremy Reeves to a $2.6 million contract for the upcoming season, they did, however, release JD mckissick in a move, I think, was to clear away for a certain former chief. I laid it out in this week's D.C. sports settle on WTO dot com. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, rob, thanks, up ahead on WTO, the U.S. says a Russian jet clipped an American drone over the Black Sea details ahead. 6 56. It's time to think about your tax refund. And

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