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About the dangers of premature births and unsafe sleeping conditions for babies African American babies are three times as likely to die before their first birthday as white meetings that is why the city is partnering with churches to be strong baby sanctuaries Mariah Galarza tells today's T. M. J. four she is spreading the word about the resources they offer mothers tell them like you don't have to be a member to come get the resources in the need the help that you need is a amazing and that's exactly what god would want us to do the walkie police are investigating two shootings from around midnight Sunday the twenty six year old man was shot after he was targeted for an attempted robbery inside his vehicle in a struggle to place the other shooting near to Tony and ask consent entered a thirty six year old man police say the shooting stemmed from an argument an investigation continues regarding a fight involving over one hundred people at Mayfair mall Saturday evening law enforcement agencies responded around eight thirty after several juvenile started fighting one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries one adult and one juvenile were arrested with six others detained for time at the mall a rock county ministries in his third O. W. Y. offense after crashing his truck into the roof of a garage north of Beloit Saturday ten of Beloit police say the vehicle entered an empty water retention area became airborne and traveled about twenty yards before striking the garage no one was injured but the thirty seven year old driver was arrested for W. Y. related charges and reckless driving gold turning silver over the weekend as legends on our local Olympian this year marks the twenty fifth anniversary of Dan Jansen winning is only speed skating gold medal in Lillehammer nineteen eighty miracle on ice captain Michael ruse he only tells me he and Jackson bonded at the Olympics after the Olympics we just became good friends late time it all together we traveled all over the country all over the world together it's been a great relationship and a great friendship Russi only was joined by the Olympic champions Eric Heiden Kristi Yamaguchi Jackie Joyner Kersee Bonnie Blair and Shannon Miller all on hand to pay tribute to Jansen Elson WTMJ news.

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