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One point it's the Doobies Craig Allen Jersey Chime time. 3 34 on the Made in America Fourth of July weekend from New Jersey one of 1.5 more all American stuff on the way out to the roads, we go fast Tragedy Garden State Parkway in the North bound direction between exits 1 48 and 1 50. We still have a little bit of volume, and that was due to the earlier accident that was at exit 1 50. Now the South Bend's out of the park way you'll have pockets of volume beginning Ran exit 1 42, and it's a stop and go ride southbound all the way down to exit 82 traffic moves. Okay at that point, and then you'll see more delays Picking up between exit 36 exit 30. Route nine, unfortunately, still remains closed at Lacey Township, North and South Bend from First Street to Main Street, and that is due to a down to traffic light. We'll see some more delays traveling on the turnpike North bound up at interchanges, 15 and 16 and then 17 North found there's a crash at Franklin Trumpet, so the right lane is blocked in delays are backed to Saddle River Road. This report sponsored by Allstate Life hacks. What would life be without them? Here is a life hack. You may not have thought of using all states. Low auto rates to save money. Visit Allstate dot com or call an agent for quote today. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 3 48 my name Solano, A New Jersey one of 1.5, New Jersey, 11.5 is your news, traffic and weather. First responders count on us for up to the minute information from our award winning news team. I'm Eric Scott Topping our report this hour count on us to get you around with fast traffic. Bob Williams, New Jersey Traffic Northville Byron, New Jersey Traffic cell count on us to keep you and your family safe with instant weather meteorologist and zero New Jersey one at 1.5 your first responders for news, traffic and weather go for the midnight dares go for the memories. Go to get your spin on. Go to get your spot on. Go for the view that goes on forever. Go for the bubbles in your bathtub hand in your drink. Go for the stakes and mistake. Isn't it time you found a better view in Atlantic City? Go for the win. Go to Ocean Casino Resort Book Your trip at the ocean sea dot.

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