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For a lot of yvonne lines history to be documented and if it wasn't documented well at this point it probably never was going to be able to be documented again because one of the things that you realise when you start digging into the old history of the internet things that are more than land ten years old say is that the the information starts to degrade really really quickly and you know linksstyle out or wikki is go down or forums go down or some some file that was hosted somewhere is no longer hosted there and the information begins to degrade really really quickly you can almost see the history disappearing before your eyes as it as a sort of feeds into the background of the past on the internet i did have a sense that this book was probably going to be the last chance for yvan lines history to be properly documented by somebody who really cared about getting it right and who actually had an amount of information plentiful enough to actually to actually get a right and a very fascinating this is too highly recommend if people won't find it what are they search for their lacomb iteens what do they look for you know thought i'd tunes other name of the show is empires aviv the history lectures and he's who's on samcloud for those people on me who apple phobic is that right king has correct good will seek wherever you came because he is a very good listen one of the things that andrew does bring up is the fact that what happens our yanni navies two philosophies compete there's a philosophy about open spiciness false we back controlling spice jordan erika weber and dan griliopoulos have also been looking at philosophies and games and i spoke to them.

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