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Infrastructure at richfield ohio but he also talked about delaying the trade agreement reached this week with south korea until there's a deal on north korea's nuclear program i may hold it up till after a deal is made with north korea does everybody understand that you know why you know why because it's a very strong card there are signs that north korea may be willing to discuss its nuclear weapons program at a summit ivan watson reports from seoul south korea the diplomats are hinting at that and no news about nukes on north korean media may be good news we have not seen any mention of it whatsoever yet in the north korean state media and in the past north korea has said this is a non starter it will never negotiate about its nuclear weapons mr trump remaining far away from reporters so no questions about the ongoing legal battle with porn star stormy daniels today california judge tossed out her motion to depose the president and the hush money case but her lawyer michael avenue says it will be easy to refile there's language in this order that i am very very pleased with because the court appears to agree with our assessment of the law russia is retaliating against the us saying it will close down the us consulate in saint petersburg and we'll expel about sixty us diplomats the us and european allies expel dozens of russians in response to the nerve agent attack on an ex by and his daughter in great britain the vatican is dismissing a report that pope francis denied the existence of hell in an interview with an italian journalist the vatican says that reported comment is not accurate in sacramento california the funeral for twenty two year old stuff on clark shot by police is.

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