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So welcome to the program and I was very impressed and well. I was very impressed with all of the fine work that was done on the dogs book that had to have been a CO author. Did some of that and I'm not saying that she didn't write a good book but I know what co-authors do I've been one and it's it's a really good book and it shows thank you so much. I really appreciate that it was. It was definitely a labor of love and it was the project that took a whole lot longer than it probably should have. But I think at the end of the day both Diana and I were real happy with the results and and as you well know I mean there's there was a lot of detail in there and we had to sort through a lot of material to you know. Try to decide what was going to be appropriate for the readers. What needed to be less out. So there was a lot of thoughts and You know hard love that went into making it what it was and we have a podcast of the interview with what's her first name. Diane I thought I think I thought it was Diana and I was afraid I would. I also thought dawn and I was afraid I was going to embarrass myself but she was telling me before we did the interview about how nervous she was and how terrible it would be to do radio and she was just great and I recommend the podcast This is a book of a rescue started. Beautiful Dalhart Texas. It's okay if you don't know that it's in the panhandle. I've been there That they started at a great school and is still going today over a decade and a half her and it's a good rescue and a good group and she was a great interview and it's a good book and Meredith helped. Write it and Meredith. You've done a number of dog an animal books. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Well it's not so many books that had done. I've done a lot of articles over the years so you know. I have a degree in journalism. As every great journalist wants to do one day is to write that perfect book. But you have to start you know in baby steps and so I started focusing on just trying to write about lot of animal health issues. I started writing about a lot of rescue groups throughout the country. That we're doing amazing things you know similar to what dogs is has accomplished. So it's been building from that and you know it takes a lot of time and dedication you had to build relationships with different editors and find contacts and yes. There are a lot of stories that are out there that can and should be told but for me. I have to write about things that I feel passionate about. And that things that you know kind of kind of speak to me on a certain level so so I'm anxious. Now that I've gotten first official book under my belt to hopefully find some other topics start working on and You know book kind of putting my focus on that over the next year or so Unfortunately with dogs the timing of dogs is released we was the book came out on March. Thirty first right in the middle of all the pandemic so we lost a lot of publicity. That was scheduled for it. So actually since then we've been spending a lot of our own time trying to promote the book through social media through word of mouth just trying to keep the book Relevant until hopefully when things get back to somewhat of normal state and bookstores start opening up again. You know maybe we'll be able to start having some book signing events and continue the publicity but right now my main focus really as as Diane's focus is just trying to keep social media you know happy and alive kind of focused on the book and making sure that You know enough folks learned about it and hopefully will help share the story of of the amazing sanctuary. Or you're welcome to share our podcast if that will help your promotional efforts because she does a great job describing the book we spent half an hour talking about it talking about the school program all of those things so I thought it was an inspiring story. I have the book sitting on top to be honest of a lizard cage sitting behind me where I know exactly where it is so but it is. It is a good book and you'll learn a lot about rescues. A heart warming story as they say in the trade and I would recommend it as good light reading a happy story. Well thank you and I think that take away from this from this whole episode of the book was really that kid can make a difference and I think a lot of times You know people underestimate what children can accomplish what they set their mind to something and you know keep in mind. These were nine and ten year old children who started this and it was their dream. It was their commitments. And you know I've been an animal lover all my life but I'm not so sure that it nine years old I would have had the dedication or commitment that this group of students did And for those of you listening who don't know about Dalhart Dalhart has awful weather Summers our terrible winters are equally terrible and yet these kids kind of put all that aside and show up every day after school on the weekends during their summer vacations just because they felt so driven to make sure that these animals for taking care of and they they gave their all in helping them find. You know a second chance at happiness and so I think you know I think Diane and I want people to realize that children do have a lot of capacity to do good given the right set of circumstances and the right mentoring mean obviously Diane and her family were wonderful role models and they were very invested in the children and I think that made a huge difference but it was still the kids you showed up every day regardless of the weather regardless of how they were feeling. And you know that's very inspirational and hopefully other children or other. Schoolteachers can see that well. You know this could happen here. You know maybe we could do something similar in our little town or you know all for the good of helping you know these poor dogs and cats who by no follow their own. You know deserve a second chance hot in the summer cold in the winter. And I'm adding this for you. Tornadoes in the middle true. That's Dalhart Texas weather. You can add that and it's a better line now. I saved that up for you because it really is. I mean Dow hearts in the panhandle. And there's a barbed wire fence to stop the tornado. That's that's all. There is up there.

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