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Iphone, Ipad discussed on Amplified - 153: Episode 153


Machines uh with a specific focus on laptops ipads and the iphone any kind of breaks it down any says you know what the ipad pro is not a desktop replacement it is not even necessarily an ipad replacement it is a new product category completely it is its own thing it is completely different yes it's an ipad but it is not an ipad air replacement nor is in an ipad many replacement nor is it a mac book replacement it's a new an entirely new thing and if you look at it that way and i i don't wanna still his thunder from this excellent video but if you look at it that way it it there's much more value in it there is much but there is a much bigger place for it as an device that you would use for different things in a different way some of what she asked you could do with the laptop some of which yes you could do with your ipad air but that it's different this at ring true to you it certainly does um i i think what what we mean to to remember is all of the things that have changed with i pet pro it is a different system it's it's attracting a completely different um group of people in in creative's that up until this point haven't been able to fully take advantage of of ipad so when you look at whether i pat will hurt sale ipad prowall her tales of ipad.

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Iphone, Ipad discussed on Amplified - 153: Episode 153

Amplified - 153: Episode 153 4 years ago

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