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Onto the remarkable leadership podcast. We are here each week. To help you lead more confidently and make a bigger difference both professionally and personally. This episode is sponsored by kevin's free weekly newsletter. Unleashing your remarkable potential which is full of articles and resources to help you become a more confident and successful leader. Sign up by going to remarkable. Podcasts dot com forward slash newsletter and. Now here's your host. Kevin welcome everybody couple of questions for you before we get started. Would you like to trust yourself more and if you did. Do you believe you could get better results today. We'll be joined by an expert to help you think us help us think through those questions and ultimately achieve more with less stress. Welcome to another live episode of the remarkable leadership. Podcast you can get all future live episodes and therefore interact with us and see them sooner. If you're listening on the actual podcasts by joining our facebook arlington groups just to remarkable podcasts dot com slash facebook or promotional podcasts dot com slash lincoln. And while. you're here if you're with us live. I want you to imagine that you're joining us for a cup of coffee. Just share your questions your comments and your ideas. I will see them..

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