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Dr. Maurice godwin expressed doubt stating the chances of bumping into the railing going over the balcony. And hitting your head. Four times is very unlikely. Than's not going to happen. And what do they mean by non vertical position like she just like threw herself. Well i mean. I guess if you climb over and just fall kind of well i would also assume that maybe someone who is going to do that year kind of jumping. So you're maybe going a little out. Horizontally down. maybe. Yeah okay when you buy a second. Autopsy was conducted by pathologist. Dr cyril wecht at her family's request. She testified Arm sorry. He testified that he believed fractures. In rebecca's throat were caused by manual strangulation not by suicidal hanging. He further stated that he thought rebecca's death was a homicide. In addition there was a question of why a pair of hadn't been analyzed that were found in the guest house trash. They also didn't process a drop of blood found in the shower of the master bedroom. Now they suggested that the reason for that was they said she was on her period and it was most likely menstrual blood. That's why double check for the love of god. If you find any mo- wonder so many crimes go unsolved at this. Is there if this is the green. Investigative work we're doing is free. So family members expressed suspicions for why rebecca's hands and feet were bound san diego sheriff roy. Frank stated quote. There are documents of incidents throughout the country where people have secured their feet enhance as well to commit suicide prevent themselves from changing their minds. Though i get that i totally get that and police. In fact reenacted the scenario in an effort to determine whether it would have been possible for rebecca to bind herself in that fashion and they showed a video demonstration in which a woman wrapped a rope around her hands several times in front of her slipped one hand out of the binding then placed her hands behind her back. Rebound them and tighten the bindings with the aid of a string similar to the one which police found rebecca's hands so it's not completely out of the question and they said it was pretty simple. Not that you didn't have to like any sort of expert to make it happen. However this is where this is why i brought up her upbringing over in northwestern burma there for a big chunk of her life and her upbringing the protestant upbringing. She said that her sister said that she would never have killed herself because they were protestant christians and she certainly wouldn't have done it in the nude. She said asian people are too modest chelsea has said that the only time rebecca would ever be nude was when she slept and perhaps the killer was someone who carter in bed but she would never bring that shame to the family in other words so police obtained her cellphone records in from roughly. Apm until ten pm. Rebecca talked and texted with her older sister. Mary who confirmed that xena had arrived home safely at ten forty eight pm. Rebecca received a text from nina romano. The twin sister. Max's mom in nina. Wanted to stop by the house and talk about max's. Accident has remember. Nina was like i couldn't get a clear story out of her. Rebecca did not reply that message police said rebecca. Check turquoise mail a few hours later at twelve fifty a m and listened to a message that was allegedly from jonet saying max's condition had worsened however they were never able to recover that message. So that's what jonas says. And that's what they're using as the motivation for her committing suicide was. It looked like the sun wasn't gonna make it well. In july two thousand thirteen rebecca's family filed a ten million dollar wrongful death suit naming adam shack nye the brunner dina shack nye the mother in nina romano as co conspirators. The twin sister for almost four years the wrongful death suit presented a plot masterminded by dna the motivation for the murder. She i mean it's easy to see. This woman steals your husband and then kills your only kid wrote pretty big motive right there. The sisters were eventually cleared from the suit because there was video that place them at the hospital at the time of her death dina still has tons of questions and she's still obviously very upset about it. I mean max's room is still in its exact state of as it was when he died. Apparently there are some things that happened that the police have not really covered for example when the paramedics got there. Rebecca screamed at our sister. You could hear it on the nine one. One call screamed at her sister. Don't open that door. There is also reports that a neighbor two doors down from the mansion said they could hear a woman crying for help and eleven thirty the night rebecca died. So there's all that has not been investigated on april fourth. Two thousand eighteen a jury found adam shack ni- responsible for the debt rebecca zahle. Jonah has since remarried and tried to move on from this in like doesn't talk about it just like most millionaires. Do i how. I know so. Yeah there's still like. I don't know this is my conspiracy but sounds like someone's being paid to become quiet to not investigate. Yeah it sounds. Money cleared to per suspicious. Yeah there's so much that. I don't understand how how these things weren't investigated. There's also reports that there was like really loud music playing now. I can see like i've taken any. I took an ambien last night. I didn't wake up until wailing or today. But i can see like when if if he truly did take an ambien. It can knock you out right. You can also do crazy things when you're on ambien. I know many people who've woken up in all of a sudden they went out to drive their car. Did you know. I didn't i angel on. Espn i need to hear this story. Cast but no one of my brother's friends. He told me that she woke up a ditch. She she took the car out she was completely on ambien in the car was in the ditch. She got out of the car like don. She drove the car into a ditch so much more strains if she'd driven a car out of the car and then went to sleep in a ditch. Awesome story really know some answers tango. So yeah anyway. That's i don't see how it's a suicide personally. Bright that does not seem likely. And you know. What's so sad. Is that in the middle of all of this. There was a little boy who passed but was completely overshadowed by this scandal in mystery surrounding the other gentleman even his staff..

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