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Go toe long fence dot com. Good morning. I'm more glue us. Jocelyn Chesson, our producer. Just ahead. President Trump is threatening to torpedo the massive pandemic relief bill that Congress just passed, demanding changes that Republicans in Congress have opposed. We have reaction from the hill. The federal government secures additional doses of the Fizer Corona virus vaccine. Maryland's former Senate president resigns After nearly 50 years in the General Assembly on Kate Ryan, the Dow is up 221 points. It's 11 31. President Trump throwing a major curveball at Congress, sharply criticizing the coronavirus relief package that lawmakers just past the four minute Twitter video raises the prospect that the president won't sign the relief bill. I'm asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2000. Mr. Trump doesn't explicitly say he'll veto the measure, which not only provides covert relief but also funds. The government Bill took half a year to pass and was the subject of intense negotiations that directly involved Mr Trump's Treasury secretary. The question just days before benefits and protections expire is what happens now. Stephen Portnoy. CBS NEWS Washington Well, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded quickly to the president's statement, saying she's ready to push for the $2000 checks He's asking for Pelosi posted on her Twitter page. The Democrats would bring the president's request to the House floor for a vote by unanimous consent before the end of the week. Like two bonus Congressional reporter for The Washington Post says this could lead to another standoff. There's gonna be a very brief session tomorrow on the House. A Democrat will come and fantastic bill to do the $2000 Jack. We expected Republican is going to stand up and say, Well, that's not all the president wants. He wants to get rid of other parts of this bill, so they're gonna object and say We got to negotiate this. But you know if that's the case, Democrats Maceo, we're not negotiating more. We'll do. We just signed the bill that we already talked about it and move on. But that could just really spark and extended sort of stand off. That could mean among other things, the government shutdown. People not getting the benefits they were expecting, and this could last, you know, frankly, all the way till Joe Bynes inaugurated on January, 20th sent Avenue early leader Chuck Schumer says he is hopeful the president will not veto the coronavirus package. He says Congress can always pass additional funding in a subsequent package new signs of strains on the U. S economy, the Labor Department saying that 803,000 people have filed for unemployment benefits in the past week, that's lower than the 888,000. Claims economists had expected, but it's still confirmation that layoffs still remain historically hime. Meantime, President Trump issuing a flurry of presidential pardons, the president granted full pardons to 15 individuals and commuted part or all of the sentences of an additional five. They include former members of Congress prosecuted for fraud. Security contractors who were convicted of murder and manslaughter for a massacre in Iraq, as well as two men who went to jail for lying to the FBI. During the Russia probe. The White House justified the announcement, citing new evidence service to the nation or compassionate grounds. Critics predict a flurry of similar actions in the president's final weeks. Catherine Herridge CBS NEWS Washington, There's word that the federal government will acquire tens of millions of additional doses of the Fizer Corona virus vaccine. Under a new agreement, Visor will supply a new additional 100 million doses to the US In return, the government will help the pharmaceutical giant gain better access to manufacturing supplies. Up ahead more on the developing story out of Baltimore, where a building explosion is injured. 10 people 11 35. If you haven't filed taxes or are in debt to the.

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