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Richard serra called a wildcard line 818504109 the first time caller line is 8185047 to one to talk to richard from east of the rockies goal 800 a 255033 from west of the rockies toll free coal 8006188 to 55 this is coast to coast with your guest host richard serra it welcome back say hello on twitter add richard serra it's s why because i love you are e double t coming to you alive from coast toronto canada affiliate indepth radio news talk 10 in and when ascend went out the monkeys terrified to our on air a producer in a los angeles this morning this evening donna walker who i know really appreciates that that hidden gem of an album that came out in 2016 good times by the monkey still not in the rock and roll hall of fame and i will shut up until the michael ness mickey dole lines peter to work in the late davy jones of course we are talking with robert sallis about the the pentagon's mysterious ufo program a new york times of course broke that story back in mid december we haven't heard much since and i think it excuse robert if he's not terribly impressed with with that i think he'd be far more interested if the new york times would engage their resources and their intellectual curiosity and perhaps investigate ufo incursions over nuclear missile sites he witnessed just such a thing back in 1967 will get back to that conversation in your calls in a moment hey you've heard about the battle of los angeles speaking of allah elva los angeles speaking of uf os how about the invasion of salt lake city while it is it's nothing to do with uf os it's george nori live coming to the gene wagner theater that's in salt lake city of course happening saturday march.

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