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To learn more kboi news starts now this is tyler martin with six seventy kboi remains to be seen whether congressional leaders will follow president donald trump's lead in budget negotiations but one cut proposed for next year's budget has advocates for idaho's children concerned ninetyfive million dollars could be slashed from the childcare and development block grand in idaho about seven thousand families a month rely on the grant to afford childcare costs beth oppenheimer with the idaho chelsea asian for education of young children says the grant also funds idaho stars a program the currently trains forty two hundred child care providers in the state not mean forty two hundred individual care provider are acting training that pet clear round how hasty in early childhood development so that they are better able to serve and care for again consult on oppenheimer adds the issue of care also affects the country's economy rick worthington six seventy kdoi the idaho supreme court in a fourtoone ruling tuesday afternoon upheld governor butch otter is veto of legislation removing the state six percent sales tax on groceries but the high court also ruled the idaho constitution actually requires the legislature to present all bills to the governor before the adjourn for the year a ruling that will significantly change of idaho legislature operates at the end of its annual session each year the spokesmanreview reports the lawmakers sued contended that the exact wording of the state constitution only gave the governor ten days from their sessions adjournment not from when he received the bill under their approach otters veto of the grocery tax bill came too late and the bill became law without his signature the governor argued that going with the lawmakers interpretation would allow the legislative branch to stymie the governor's ability to veto bills by simply delaying them until it's too late and the deadlines passed whether she has clear skies today with temperatures in the low 80s and expects to be clear our skies and sunny tomorrow with a high of ninety two degrees tyler martin six seventy kboi friday august forth and so forth annual jackson's countries stop starring special guest cassidy drake tickets on sale now at all treasure valley jackson's food store four's annual jackson's country style jarring country superstar j i four at ford.

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