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Us on dr phil knight he's gerry brisson and were with dave hodgkin's government relations director for michigan and the american heart association we're going to talk about the my neighborhood mobile grocery you come back and be with us in just a moment from the golden tower of the fisher building this is the great voice of the great lakes seven sixty wjr detroit on april sixth stop talking stop moving joe make a sound because if they hear you they want you critics are calling a quiet place really and genuinely scary it's nothing short of spectacular and now it's one hundred percent fresh on rotten tomatoes emily blonde john cuisines game a quiet place this film not yet rate in theaters april sixth of all the people in the world you feel like you were destined to find her and now that you have come to jared the galleria of jewelry define the diamond destined for her it's called chosen by jared diamond with a one of a kind story only jared can tell from the raw stone to the ring she'll wear forever jared makes her diamonds creation part of your love story we document its entire journey from procuring it in its roughest purest form to the finished masterpiece we sat into her engagement ring every gi certified.

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