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There are some perks they go on the cupola module office perhaps the best view available to humans anywhere a one hundred eighty degree panorama of the earth passing below and best view in the in the universe. At the moment i also heard that they fixed the la. Can they use t. I didn't know that now missed out on that one. Yes okay good. An update accord it. The other day the lake was discovered and the the fixed it using the bags. Or taylor or something. It was a really. We'd solution but i told you about That issue in a in a sci-fi movie where i had an aol lake. And i fixed it with dr pepper. Found it with liquid. Dr pepper. That came at the hall wasn't far wrong. that's right. it's sticky a beverage. Averages will save the world. We need a lot of them in twenty sixty eight frayed. Because apparently that's when we're going to get smashed to oblivion by an asteroid. They call it doomsday. I'm thinking well it's really interesting object. I think you. And i've talked about this subject before profits all year. Bright night yet is yet so a puffing will have a close approach to us on a loved the date on friday the thirteenth of april twenty. Twenty-nine we know that will happen. We know that it will come within the ring of of just actually satellites. We know that it will be visible to the unaided. I will be so nick because this thing three hundred meters across his bank but what we also know is that it won't hit the earth. So that is not that friday the thirteenth twenty. Twenty-nine is not gonna be doing say the headlines read. You know you know that is going to be several papers that gloom in two twenty nine. I just can't sell the pipe you've got. Yeah anyway the the yes. So that's a definite no but there is another close approach in twenty sixty eight and at moment to the best of all knowledge not will also be a non hitch. It will miss the earth. But what's been recognized. Is that an a office is undergoing something called iascaigh acceleration. And i think we might have talked about this before your comes acceleration. So an comes about when you've got a rotating objects being eighty by the sound of course an asteroid is exactly that so if you think about it so if you think about this this thing moving along so bit.

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