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Joining us in playing the game. Once again is is it real or is it a render? Alex Lindsay from the pixel hor. I'm coming to you via VR. You know, that's the only way that that it works for me anymore. I just have to Alex's pixels look better than our atoms. It's appalling. Also joining us. One of my favorite people in tech world because I get to work with her every day. Laura Gill from I'm more. How are you Laurie. Glad to be back. This is such a fun show because right now. Totally because that's because your hair looks halfway decent. This, this isn't application. This isn't style. This is like I cannot do anything. I've got only four hours after I get up on a Tuesday to get something going on with my hair and at the last minute, hey, how about a hat. Team, and you know, I think like maybe women don't really realize that the hat is the solution to that problem because I have bad hair days all the time, and I never think put on, I think, go your hair so much easier. Look what it did for Cecily Tyson. Everybody's talking about that. Absolutely wonderful. Hat. I just know that no talk about her hair. Yeah, fat helmet, I think would do me well, have a good hat and a good face day. It'd be awesome. So the invitations are out. I think apple probably waited until we were finished the show last week to send them out just like always, but they did go out. They have been received. It is as widely suspected as I think we talked about for several weeks gonna be on Tuesday. Sorry, Wednesday, September twelfth, because of timber. Eleventh tweet that day is akin to a Memorial Day in the US. So the twelfth makes a lot of sense. Now, the invitation confused, some people right out of the gate because it was a circle and that led to all sorts of internet social blog. YouTube podcast speculation that, oh my God, we're getting round watch faces or around phone or no. This is the logo for apple park. It is literally the ring building at apple. It is on all the t shirts at apple park. So the bottom agitating. I was imagining ultimate frisbee at the apple park, which would be out snuck has Bradley would win though. I mean you keeping HD would just win, so it wouldn't be fair, but it is the apple TV, the apple park logo, but they do say, gather around Andy. Do you have any tea leaf reading on this? Is this apple being cute? Or are they going to start putting a squares into around eggs? No, I think that they're just talk. I really do think they're talking about a are. I think I think they're going to be talking about how good the essentially it's because we're not looking forward to any really huge revelations in the new iphones. I really think that most of the hardware discussion is going to be about, hey, here's how good this is for Aaron, hey, here's how many more objects can render, and, hey, here's how we've reduced the leg and particularly, hey, look, how expensive all these other augmented reality devices that are only for developers are. And yet we're putting the the, the, the power and the and the glory of advanced augmented reality in your hands. I thought this was actually something that Alex Tony stark built in a cave out of scraps, and it'll be the source of our all of Apple's guy. Yeah, I actually thought that now if they're if they're giving away anything and believe, I, I have to, I think we all have to preface by saying that I will credit you because you're the first person to actually tickly this that people that graphic designers at apple are laughing and laughing and laughing at everybody, decisive acting this image. But the thing that came to mind was that it is ring, but it is copper and I was thinking, maybe it is a cheek charger charged ring and navy. We're going to actually see the new charger that's gonna ask, does anybody know what a Cheech charger like the actual hardware looks? Yeah, coils because that seems like it would make sense. I have a a wireless charger on the bottom of my cut that actually looks like the invitation..

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