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In broken see for on one of those days Russell's birds substituted for you yeah very similar to yours truly he grew up in Brooklyn in the projects is sheepshead bay just about the same time obviously a great broadcaster in his own right and this morning he was in the newsroom doing his part cash and we were talking about when we were growing up in the sixties how there was this health food drink it we say bamboozled us that think that doctor brown's celery soda I know doctor brown's but I've never heard of celery soda yeah sellout shows I don't know if it's still available what I'm going to Google's but the point is is they had us believe that if you drank the celery soda which is nothing but fish you know and the your good all round yeah that it wasn't celery and wasn't like having vegetables for having to route like like drinking Hawaiian punch back then well they say it's reminiscent of ginger ale but with a pronounced celery flavor that is more pungent or peppery than ginger ale she they will call it a celery tonic which we give you the idea was a kind of healing yes but the point was it was it and now I'm sixty five and Russ is up there and the older you get you look at your analytical chart I'm consumption and it says you have to have more fruits and vegetables for someone my age you got to have thirty one a day you think that'll be chomping fool bushels full of of pairs of apples of celery of carrots of course not I'm not my veneers my.

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