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Skirl go yeah should find out more about went off and found the rhine north comics and random fantastic so it's a great gateway drug into learning more about marvel characters you might of heard about one hundred a very good job of timing up the events in the game with eva's else is like if any was he coming up so i bet you there is the kinds of in game events tied into that you might say why would they run an ad for a free game what would the hook be be happening player you can go to our link and get thanos for your squad in play with him in there special offer for new players as you get a free three star thanos for marvel puzzle quest going to d three go dot com slash mpg famous of course this is an ascriptin of the video and the podcasting it there d three go dot com slash m pg famous to get for of your new player a free famous which you should do then the next one course i'm so happy that game that was because i'm excited about when you were off over that's what about at matches or undies whatever just going to sit here and let you do let you pay the bills speaking of something genuinely excited about like mobile puzzle quest i'll happily chip when our switch over to me today today wearing this flower print cool how's that look looking good even if i look over here i'm seeing getting away from it why do i love me on everybody because they're the most comfortable underwear i own you might say they paid you to say that to which i would say maybe technically but i also paid them for the underway i've never gotten a free let me let me ask you a question about your integrity.

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