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Media. It's I'm not just talking about fortnight. Jared is a huge rocket league guy play all manner of video games that we will be discussing over the course of the show. It's starting on grand x. labs, the same place, the Rose Bowl in podcast started. You can subscribe to grand ex labs on itunes, every time, a new episode of grant x. gaming comes out, it will be automatically downloaded your device so that you can listen to it very excited about this. Jared, Nihar. We're gonna have a lot of fun with it trying to make a video game podcast that is not so nerdy that it's unbearable would try to make something for normal dudes like us who play video games, but also don't live in our mother's basement or whatever you know. So I think that is a very large portion of the population that is kind of not catered to at this point. So we're gonna try to do that. And there is no try there is only do. So we're just going to do that. Right? Follow grand grandad's labs subscribed to it rather grand x. labs on I tunes follow grand x. gaming on Twitter and Instagram. It's just grand x. gaming, Twitter dot com. Slash grandad's gaming, Instagram grand x. gaming, same thing and look out for more on that front. If you like video games and the everything that comes with that world. I'm going to do something a little bit differently today. I'm not going to threaten you with legal action. I'm just gonna ask nicely. I would very much appreciate it. If you have not already, we're sixty eight episodes deep if you haven't done it yet. Please take the time to give us a five star rating in writer review very quickly. On I tunes you just go to apple podcasts app on your phone, or I tunes on your computer type in the Rose Bowl in podcast search for pull it up. Subscribe to it. Give us a rating. Brighter review takes a few seconds means the world to me. Also continue to tell people about the show that you'd think would enjoy it. All right. I'm no, no threats just requests. It's been a long week. I'm in the midst of severe withdrawals, very irritable. And I need this. Can I speak to my irritability? Please? Let me tell you about my night last night Bill. Uh-huh. It's not that bad, but let me just say we talk about yesterday. It was quitting day. Of course it was looted to it Ross. His is a free of tobacco products day. Where on day two, yes, I am not drinking right last night. Was the kind of night where I wanted to come home and have a glass of wine because I went to as we talked about the chump to champ training. I went to me tie training. Okay. Spar yesterday I did very well five to seven. I realized my battery on my car over yesterday and the day before had it was crapping out. How do you? How do you notice then you can just, you turn the key and it doesn't turn. You have to kind of turn it just hold it there and great dicta in step on the gas. And eventually it would happen. Okay. And I knew I had like two or three starts in my car. So it was on its last leg. Yeah. Yeah. And then this morning I had to go to tie and durability at seven AM. So Mike, I gotta do this right now. So I had to go pick my girlfriend up in the airport, but I had a little window of time. So I went to, I saw the WalMart near bias. The tire shop is open till eight at seven twenty I pull in early..

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