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Else doing. So that's not a great answer for best location. But it's a it's a wonderful and the worst. I'd say the worst is probably I don't like working so much in the studio. Green screen when your show up. You've got a coffee mug within on that can be pretty dead. Okay. We kicked off those two boxes and we'll go back to just talk. I don't care. But I did I. I am curious about the film that you made in Auschwitz. Well, that was a great experience. And I am thinking about lately because Arnold hopeless. The producer recently has to weigh. And he was also a producer on platoon and other films as well. But those are two films that I made with him. We I think we were basically the first film to film entirely. On location in heck meekly, we filmed in ocean at Auschwitz, but most of it was filmed in Birkenau. And this is pre wall falling Poland, and it was tough and Burke amount would they it's like, they padlock the place at lunch. I could. I'd wander around, and you could still find person effects the in the grass, she you know, it's such a evil lace. You couldn't contacted emotionally hit only duet story. But. Of course. And there were moments where you just look at a piece of land. And you'd see a tree that was you knew was old enough to have witnessed one went on there. And it was chilling. But it's so far away from you. So far from your experience that it was difficult to grasp, but of course, shooting in the real place. Really rooted the experience. Also, we had like people that were both. Prisoners dinner and also people that work there, and they were having reunions by elderly now, and they they were sharing stories. The movie was based on the story of. Vessel Mamata boxer. A Greek Jew who was synthetic Schwartz, and he survived by basically catching the attention of the commandant because he was good boxer and just for entertainment, they'd have the inmates walks and the commandant really liked him. So he got preferential treatment. So you had this horrible situation a moral dilemma where you can't begrudge the guy find his way to survive. But at the same time, he it he couldn't extend those privileges to his friends and his family. So he was that he was basically taking favorites from the people that were killing his people. So it was an interesting. Story and and didn't get a huge release. I think it was admired by some people very much, but it did really habits day made by Robert young Wease. Great, great filmmaker. And I I'd love to work with him. I don't wanna hog question department here. No, it's. Say it's overwhelming, the number of movies you've made and the locations and the actors and everything else and trying to to we have trouble remembering all of it. I don't know how you do in the movies and the place that have done my life. I'm starting to realize are the only way I remember. Sure. Sure. Sure. It's really funny because if you say movie, I may not remember all the editions. I'm not Jane bring out all the anecdotes about the film and all that. But I do remember what was going on in my personal life has to share. That's only it's a marker. We realize we didn't name. The film is called triumph of this idea. Young trying to guess front for the spirit except for the actors working on it who were stuck at the camps. Not so much triumph of the spirit. But yes, it was tough hard before that film, I presume you had to learn I did and I had I had a world class trainer teddy. Atlas who worked with custom motto when he was worked with custom out of the famous drain. You know of Mike Tyson and many others. And he he was fantastic. So sort of like the painting in Van Gogh boxing was essential to finding the key of the character of the of the story. But that's one of the things. I find fascinating about an actress like, oh, yeah. Well, you learn things you learn things..

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