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Some on us last hour of the week here on rushed to reason john rush dan tanner filling in for dan you or and this is it dan well last hour of trying to fill in pretend you're there is no line yet you're doing great a series of two short did a good job good job all right let's talk about dunkirk all right lanes are open three or three four seven seven five six zero zero give me call let us know anything you want to talk about doesn't make any different lines you know again totally open your call whatever you want to talk about we're here so of marie clair's dunkirk review provokes outrage outraged by claiming war epic celebrates maleness in by the way think white male mus how is getting blown up celebrating maleness well i think the answer that question from you john i'm not sure that it is dan i mean so her scathing are so let me say this muharem bonner scathing appraisal published in fashion magazines marieclaire on july 28 had claimed that the film which stars harry styles tom hearty an cillian murphy was on another testosterone field retread my main issue with conquer gunk with dunkirk is that it's so clearly designed for men two men at this next no sense is clear designed for men to man out over when the world is that meat men to men out over oh you man out like kind of like you bro out and look it's not like i need every movie to have strong female leads wonderwoman can probably tied me over for at least a year and i understand that this war was dominated by mayo brave soldiers she continued dunkirk felt like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness which apparently they don't get to do enough no frankly we don't know we want more of it i like celebrating my maleness i think what's wrong with that why why is that a bad thing it's not and if women want to celebrate their illness go for it yeah that's all said i'm glad you're a female i don't want to be you i wanted to see me and i'm a man i want to celebrate are you kidding me with this crap this just takes me off john boehner went on to.

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