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He does not seek the spotlight. In fact, I'm not entirely certain. He's happy with me for having written his book making more famous than already as well owner that's worthy. As we go to a caller. That's that's worthy of a follow up to what extent did he cooperate at all with this book? Not at all. He did eat it. He not even submit for an interview. No, no, I queried. And and asked him I have no good connections within the Marine Corps, and they all met with, you know, no, no cooperation at all. So fair enough. Well, he's he's quite busy. And he is busy. That's certainly true. But obviously, not the not a self seeking a publicity seeker. As we go to this. Call I must follow up on that particular point in the the Bob Woodward book fear. Apparently when he was the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, tried hard to get. Mattis to go and more talk shows he's been on. I guess a total of one I think face the nation and didn't care for that. I gather too much, and the the Mattis response was said to a bed, shall we say blunt, and and profane do base based on what you've read do you find that to be credible response? It sounds like what I've read. Yes. Very much. So in fact, I I would I would venture guests that would two words that weren't bond your. Fair enough one eight six six five zero JIMBO one eight six six five five four six two six as we are speaking tonight with Jim Prosser, he's the author of the new biography about the Defense Secretary James Mattis called no better friend. No worse. Enemy a doc in Wilmington Delaware calls in. Hello, doc. Mr wolf. My call. Sure, I just wanted to one act one question for Mr. producer. What is the mind? As little as ex brain who served in Iraq with General Mattis mess with the General Mattis dodger warfare and girl of warfare is masterful. I like your comments thoughts on that, particularly as we face this. Nine eleven and post nine eleven age, though, guerrilla warfare all over the globe from Al Qaeda and other sources is John is General Mattis that good. I've been told by by the vendor that he used that good. A visa here's performance in Iraq. Okay. Your thoughts about Mattis Jim grocer as it as it deals with his knowledge of unconventional warfare. Well, it is as the caller says masterful he is mass war warfighter and particularly for the Iraq engagement. He. Probably instituted and delivered the. The most extensive briefing that any marine unit has any marine? Unit has ever experienced in that it was of the luminous pages from his own library delivered by Email to every every member of the first division that was under his command in Iraq. And e. Specifically identified the banana wars, which was a guerilla campaign by the rain legend chesty puller. In how the how the his marines were intended. The commander's intent he's marines. Which was the people are the pride and that they millions couldn't lose sight of even in guerilla warfare. That the innocent victims of war were. Intended to be as he. Made famous or made the motto of his Asian, no better friend. No worse enemy meaning that. If they were shooting. They would find no worse enemy, but if they will not shooting they would find no better friend in the US marine. So he's very very aware and also his reading of sun Tzu. Who coined the phrase hearts minds of the people was very well aware and made his greens aware that the prize along with the people comes by winning their hearts and nine would it be fair to call James Mattis, a military scholar? Oh, yes. Yes. Absolutely. Probably one of the foremost in American history. I mean, his personal library is exceeded seven thousand volumes of rather arcane and. Obscure books on the subject of warfare, not only warfare, but civil administration, and and the as I say the the soft side of warfare, which is the people and how to. He'll with a population. That's in the middle of a shooting war. Very very well. Read very well spoken and a deeply. Between gauged that the art of war, the the book, no better friend. No worse. Enemy leads off with a chapter one, titled no better friend, and it refers to general Krulak who was accommodated the Marine Corps and every year he and his wife about a week before Christmas would bake hundreds of Christmas cookies. Package them in small bundles. And then the Krulak would personally load up his car and drive to every marine guard post in the Washington, Annapolis Baltimore area. Pretty nice thing to do one year. He went down to Quantico the marine training base. Excuse me. The retraining base in Virginia. And he went to the command center gave a package of the Lance corporal on-duty lower ranking enlisted man that kind of person you'd find on duty at Christmas day, and he asked who's the officer of the day? Lance, corporal, said search Brigadier General Mattis said no, no, no, I I know General Mattis is I mean who's the officer of the day today Christmas day, meaning, of course, the low on the totem pole Lieutenant who got stuck with that duty and the last group of feeling a bit anxious at sir, it is Brigadier. General Mattis grew like said he spotted in the back room, a cot, and he said, no, not Lance corporal who slept in that bed last night. The Lance corporal said, sir, it was Brigadier General Mattis at which time Mattis came in on Christmas day duty uniform on carrying a sword that that's pretty remarkable Brigadier General is never the officer of the day certainly on Christmas day. And yet very was why. Well, as he says, he said there was a an officer who had a family General Mattis, the bachelor, and he felt that it would be better for the officer to Christmas day off to be with his family and Mattis would serve in his head as the officer of the day. One eight six six five zero JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six back with Jim the author have no better friend..

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