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Go. But with the pandemic. We didn't do that. We were trying to avoid mass crowds. We're not going out to a bunch of stories like we normally would just the one and that was this intimate that we heard from talking with shoppers a lot more calculation, a lot more buying online and then coming to pick up a big trend economists have seen throughout the pandemic that school most, um Had Patrick Quinn reporting a restaurant owner in Kirkland plans to make vaccination mandatory for herself. Right now, Cafe Juanita is only offering pickup borders. In an interview with CNN Friday, chef and owner Holly Smith says her step helped inform her decision to require vaccinations. But she says she's willing to work with people what became very clear. Wasp that for the emotional and physical safety of my team. That tighter boundaries for them. Had so himself better. Legal experts say employers can put health and safety requirements in the workplace. But there could be limits for the vaccine under the FDA is emergency use authorization. There are also federal anti discrimination laws for people with medical conditions and religious objections. This mystery growers say demand is strong the season for fresh cut ever rains, The growers have faced increased interest in artificial trees. In recent years, They say customers air showing up earlier than normal and there are more of them. They say, with many people staying home so much because of the pandemic. They want a new or renew tradition and the tough year on a happier note, and U. S officials just released a plan to remove or change vegetation in the US West To help stop devastating wildfires. The U. S Bureau of Land Management is trying to limit wildfires and sage brush habitat areas and parts of Idaho, Oregon. Washington, California, Nevada and Utah. The plan calls for prescribed fires fueled breaks and other measures to limit the massive blazes these areas have experienced over recent decades. Come on. Whose time is 11? 34 Way? Check your coma Traffic.

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