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Route ninety one harvest festival concert goers say they were sitting ducks they think the shooter was shooting from the thirty second floor of the mandalay bay hotel gal down under the concert p people say they were sitting ducks when those shots rained down to off duty police officers killed more than twenty people are dead overall police still looking for the gunman's roommate a woman died identified as mary lou dan lee and asian female police said that gunmen is dead he's a local man they are confident there is no longer a threat and they are looking for a couple of vehicles related to that companion of the shooter that say hyundai tucson and also a chrysler pacifica minivan looking for those two vehicles of sheriff clarke county joseph lombardo says as roberta much of a 30second florida's were officers confront of the suspect at the mandalay bay hotel and casino right across the street from the route ninety one harvest music festival he was shot dead and that we will continue with cbs news moment to just want to mention again jason al dean he was on stage when all this was happy any he's on social media this morning saying quote tonight has been beyond horrific i still don't know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that me and my crew are save my thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone involved tonight it hurts my heart that this would hatch that this would happen and then his hashtag is heartbroken y'all jason audi and just a i think his third song and a concert at the mandalay bay casino and hotel when the shots rang out of wwl news time is now 548 it's time for traffic and weather together on let's go to traffic and here's how dennis new backer good morning dennis how are things on our roads wealth of liquid ri accident revert of this fruits post or reporter sponsor powered by their works relief the accident as west ninety.

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