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The Courtney Campbell causeway and the sky we bridges are up to speed as well Bradley Lopez newsradio WFLA we'll continue to track scattered showers and thunderstorms with the best rain chances shifting him limb to the rest of our Sunday your high temperatures in the upper eighties as we head into the overnight period scattered clouds will linger a chance of morning rain at the coast on Monday morning temperatures in the upper seventies your afternoon high will climb to around eighty eight I will call for another fifty percent chance of rain to the day on the water southwest wind around ten dot sees right around two feet and just a light shop on bay waters on news channel eight meteorologist at Bloodworth news radio WFLA now streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices by in the I heart radio at you're listening to rush's week in review the left one six will turn they want equal time to make their case on the day celebrating a menace to essentially well I mean that's what it means when they're upset that drum seven this gigantic celebration of American independence day don't think it'll happen trump is politicizing it so they're going to do there but I'm gonna tell you what for those of you who well I'm on the ledge another ledge just you got to hear this is a call to action I for one I'm fed up with these people I'm totally fed up with them and I'm I'm just I'm not I'm eager to see increasing numbers of people in this country finally.

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