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Zero tack down at the wiz located. I i really located here. Is the venue eight thirty. One south delaware drive people out new. You're king of comedy and then after that we're gonna come right back. Got the mother's day special. Come on out those mother's day come on out the church come to show. I have a live singer coming through. Oh snap he knew he made me. my homegirl Twenty per to building her larry. Shaw reese and natasha face myself. I've singer mother's day doors. Five o'clock showtime six located at the m. You can always i. You'll locate you. I am you is located at eight. Thirty one half delaware driving eastern pennsylvania. And if you need information please. Call me a sean vitamins. You on isos. Asa right understand that they adapt nicer bigger. Like i can't go because he didn't get into the phone number. Look at the phone goes right. I don't see those words quips. Hurry cohort of ninety five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero. Get your level. we're going show. Have you wanna show wake of team. Probably clone sydney jacobs where we're going down to costa rica win. That's a lot of twins second scoring dow for more of my folks have just registered the day. that's a top fund. Go fly on down to costa rica. yes i'm ready. Everybody gets you out. And i'll telling you if you can go to costa rica party. Don't be scared comfortable. Because the only thing yoga. Say y'all gonna be up here stuck in the northeast and you know when we start going on social baby would-be but you know what i was still. You're not gonna hate that much. Why not because we want show broadcasting down the tech out your protector. Because some of bob love members are coming. Down to costa rico. All five hundred people. Oh you know everybody's gonna be posting and when you're sitting here in the northeast part of the country scared the come outside sitting on your show like a rotten tomato tomato like a bad great be living best life and costa rica bag. Great not the nasty graves back rapes. That's in refrigerator too. Long like kroons racing. You look like a giant pro tech department. Now procast show fleecy. You'll have to heat that much. You can still hate. 'cause after the pitches we after the show. Pensions click click click. You're not going to beat it. But i don't want that to happen if you can. Forty come through one one one such so. Oh go down to dallas texas. I have that information next week. We trayvon the y'all we showdown there too That information wall night. I'm in newark new jersey to these jokes and it's in new jersey. The next i tell jokes about not using nor would to new york tonight. I gotcha gotcha tonight union tomorrow. New jersey to put it on a page comes with you in town. They enough of that. And i m you sunday night. Laughs sunday april eighteenth. I want to swing the dow jo- you'll come through. I am your wiz locating eight. Thirty one south delaware draft here in eastern pennsylvania. Couple issue showtimes Doors opened up at five showtime six new york king talents in the building. Please people me up each and every day don't get caught out there and not be able to come in to build. I don't want you left out but if you are made a seventh is going down. Please call information but number zone is now go. God bless you bless you. And i want to say that sincerely soon as we came on the air. This morning is a few in the chat. Roy accident how you doing. Put this this camera dagoberto. you have center stage. Young lady is right. There on the platform apart cologne. Everyone especially if you're not to shut out the room to with a hard time chatham yes people in chapman right now. They i hear so. Let me. just. Start this off in. Bob you can finish it off pause Bobby you deal with. They went to the doctor last week. I think i believe it was last week the week before. She says he's going to the doctor last week last week. When i went to and then the doctor recommended she takes to take the get vaccinated right then. Became watching in here. And i'm so proud of you. Barbie columbus barbies very private. You know she's wanted those. She's coming out at about ten years short out very transparent. But that's what that's what makes this show work our when he asks for transparency for myself but it seems to be runoff on folks in the barbie came and learn it all of us that she will be. She agreed to she talked to a doctor which i am. Actually let me tell you something. The king of the morning boy. I'm your doctor All right now you're going to lose. I'm your doctor in the morning. And i've been suggesting that everyone takes the shot. I have passed or clinical trials. I've put tons of chemicals in my body's years i am qualified. I used to psychedelics. Took a tab. Bobby cologne put on your tongue next to you. See bats and scott..

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