Defense Secretary, Rodrigo De, Suicide Bombers discussed on The Moth Radio Hour


This is one of the things he said he'd do when he was running and he's following through with this but this is not a big issue to the people who voted for him this is a globalist little plaything a rally against the us exit from the paris accord was held nearby with demonstrators calling on the trump administration to acknowledge the dangers of climate change windsor johnston npr news washington defense secretary jim mattis says he's encouraged by china's efforts to resolve the north korean nuclear issue from beijing npr's anthony kyun reports the remarks echo those of president trump speaking at a regional security conference in singapore mattis praised china's efforts to cooperate with the us and others on in north korea but he assailed china's island building in the south china sea which he said shows china's disregard for international law it contempt for other nations jim krish energy effort to dismiss nonadversarial revolution of issues mattis was asked whether the us pullout from international agreed since on climate change and trade threaten to undermine the international order the us claims to be upholding madison plea replied that the trump administration has fresh approaches to these issues anthony kuhn npr news beijing afghan officials are still assessing the death toll from a series of blasts at a few noor neural in the capital kabul today at least six are dead the funeral was for one of several people killed during protests yesterday and his jennifer glass reports from kabul protests over lax security continue today the center kabul's pretty much shutdown demonstrators are gathered under two colorful tense in what is usually a very busy in her section so far it's peaceful friday's protests turned violent at least four were killed and police opened fire on the crowd the protesters say that wednesday's truckbombing shows the government can protect the people and should step down afghan chief executive of dullah dollar who was at today's funeral later appeared on live tv saying three suicide bombers detonator did their vests philippine president rodrigo de tear tastes says the gunman who attacked a casino in manila yesterday was quote crazy not an islamic state militant though isis has claimed responsibility at least thirty seven people died after the attackers set fire stole casino chips and then killed.

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