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Hopefully because they're smarter and they go do it. Right. But carried out, but I don't know. I would. Yeah. I agree with you. I think he would need to probably fall into the early twenties. And then where it's just like, you know, we're not giving up a tone to go get him. But we'd like them enough that we're just going to make it happen. Andrew Metcalfe seven asks what are the chances that the cheese draft a linebacker in the first three rounds? I don't think it's super high. I mean, they've spent a lot of early assets and a lot of money at the linebacker position. You've got door, you know, Daniel with a third around pick. And you know, this year's fourth is being spent on Reggie Ragland. And they spent a lot of money on Anthony Hitchens like that's not a position where I think you can go in use one of your four best assets to address that position. Maybe if if they were it would be a Sam they would be trying to identify more of a rush Sam type player like that. That's the only thing that makes sense to me when it comes to the linebacker position. Well, also, there's not a linebacker were taking in the first three. Around. That's not named Devon. Through Wilson, you could probably make a case for he would be the only one I probably as for the the linebacker market is weird in the straffed because you've got very top-heavy. But then it's everything else is just day. Three guys. More very close today. Three guys. It's it's bizarre. At Tisza l- sage elite that's an elite named Jake and Tisza sage asks if Hopkinson TJ Hopkinson falls to twenty one in no big defensive players are on the board..

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