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Let's say some of the people were at my camp and in the movies are very successful in martial arts and have been been heralded as like the number one artists come from china are we about to lose this practice if there's only twelve people left two grandmasters and there aren't structured programs to build the next generation of this is the last gasp of this kind of energy the energy will always be there but this practice of managing it well i have this opportunity available for people so i just decided to enjoy where you live in british columbia and sit out there in the forest and just in just taking all the wonderment of life it's all here i've run it back no one has to like starve on a mountain or freeze the death in glaciers and stay in the freezing cold water until the grandmaster says okay you can get out now and you're you know and then when you go well i guess i don't need all my winter clothes that i was worried up here because now i was warm enough in there and then you start to learn you adjust all that's in the videos that i've created that are brought back all the audios in apps so that physical we've got it all recorded for people so you can get it all straight from there you don't have to get you i you don't have to go to the mountain nor could you go there nor could you pay him too because he wouldn't have always say to me he said look this practicing you're learning nfs it's not for sale and plus there's no price on it because i have to give it to you for you to get it or at least guide you so you can start pulling in all these videos and audio so we've got will guide people if i'm not even here but even if i did all the videos and all the audios you'd be phenomenal but i wouldn't be at your level of attainment how do you know i'm just asking the question now all the great scientists and all the great athletes that i've worked with over the years of doing this here openly i guess i i was only doing it in my office for wanting to test it with every age group and every ethnishity and found that it worked with kids.

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