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This is rural. Recoiling from Sunday night shattering best performance, a loss element. And bring me. Perhaps because the law second double doing was so seriously reminiscent of that self guided soccer ball drop channelize Ingley one desperate little Jordan Pickford in the last. Second of the Darby bouncing off the Evanston crossbar. Not once but twice. How does that happen physics? I'm talking to you leaving region. To steam in shoulder the ball into the go bag breaking Trueba, which will take me decades to recover from so two bloody soon. When the best kicker when he rattled that bull off to metal BAAs, my eight year old son what Jim with him. Oh, it just slumped to the floor, and he wailed soaps came from a promo place deep within the child and the same kind. I remember meeting. But when I was eight years old listening on the Rajak to Everton when they were eliminated from some early round UEFA Cup tie with lost it on the way goals. That concept. I couldn't get way at your old head around, and it all seems so unfair like within the realms of cosmic Justice unfair. When I heard my son sub subset of Chicago, Bears doom and defeat biblical wailings felt for him. I was transported back to Thome in my own life. Not just my life. We've all lifted right listeners when sports losses rule the more crushing because we'd had so little experience so little scar tissue at built up to protect us. Good news for us. He's an effort fem Chicago bash from Miller. How will Hokke FA kept weekend? What you need to know. Not much because an FA Cup. It's like a stealth international rake, and which we starve for quality we start for storylines yet. This was the first time to top-flight sides have been knocked out the fake helped by teams from the thought hero below on the same day since nineteen Eighty-nine before when Padru invented for ten you poor knocked out Premier League LeicesteR yet less the city conquerors recently of Manchester City, Chelsea and even bigger Everton football club. Then lost tell the to Newport county in the FA Cup from exhilaration Falesa fans to humiliate should the emotions football. Yeah. Only football safely allows you to access to mazing to me. I watched that gave the Newport mascot bounce around at the final whistle. Just will ding the corner flag deliriously as if it was the head of his smitten fair. That is what the FA Cup is all about heads of smited, foes, America's US open Cup could be to be candid full ham took in about America. With the other big loses. They manage to take the lead against Oldham athletic league to yet still somehow conspired to go and lose home. Why a hot mess that club right now. I take no pleasure in that. But I'm starting to believe they do if they Yang said he Luis Carlos bocanegra dry. Mcbride Clin to Casey Keller and Johnson out of Boca Raton, retirement community, whichever one they live in and failed. It them. Oh, I think it's tone to get the full America band back together webs. The magic of the FA Cup. It's a big debate in England for the purposes of this cost. We don't want. The beta we want to live it with you. We wanna hear it for selves and to do. So we are bringing to the pot. A man we've talked about a. Bunch over the past couple of weeks. Chris Willis, he is that phenomenal. Jen we met when we traveled to watch primarily games for visit Britain at the end of lost year. Chris Paul guy, drew the short straw and ended up being driver. And he was he was hilarious. And we kill the down telling between shoots by listening to his tool tales about experiences. He's had travelling all over England to watch Gillian town, the gills around them in knock US you kill me. If I said that minor league baseball equivalent from just outside a London follies everywhere, really everywhere, and he has done this whole life, and they is like Saturday, they make it all worth while his Gillingham nineteen then league one the third tier shock primly pugilist, courtesy one they'll one their war a glory war victory. I have seen the light Elliott list..

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