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He's a leader in mind body medicine and integrative medicine when I first started my podcast in two thousand fifteen. This was my goal was to interview. Amazing. Scientists doctors people who work in that stream and also believe fully in mindfulness, and I wanted to share that with you with the world with with all of you out there. And I feel like I've reached that by being able to interview people like today's guest. Now, I'm going to tell you a little bit about him right now because I didn't do a bio as I interviewed him directly because I was with him. And I didn't have anything jotted down to do. And I wanted to get right into the interview. He is a specialist in preventative medicine and preventative cardiology has name is Dr Robert Schneider. I met him in October in Atlanta when I was speaking at the zen consciousness conference. Well, back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four Dr Schneider was one of the first. -sition in the United States to practice teach and research, mar Rashi air Evita a scientific restoration of an anxious and comprehensive system of prevention oriented, natural medicine over the past thirty years, Dr Schneider as directed or co directed get this more than twenty five million dollars in grants support from the US national institutes of health and other government agencies for clinical research on mind body medicine on aging on cardiovascular disease..

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