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I'm great. I chose that bumper music for you originally. I was going to play. Acdc so you got many bumper music options. Hey i just had a chat with someone you know. Well sean parnell. Who's running for senate. Yeah and he's you know he's really coming around as a candidate. He's very clear. Very concise speaks well masters the issues. How do you see a sean. Or whatever republican the folks in pennsylvania. Choose to run faring against fetterman guy who apparently guys all the money marin county can offer him well yeah i think the senate race is going to be heated and competitive. There are several people in republicans in the republican primary contest. Already with sean is one of them. I do believe shawn will prevail. Because he not only is he a sharp candid it as you said. He's been you know he. He made that race. Everyone saudi was gonna lose by ten points or more. You know right down to one point against carter lambs for for for congress and twenty twenty. But also i think in in you know. Once he gets his general you know everyone is soon. It's going to be john fetterman but when connor lambs In the first of august. I think because both connor land and john fetterman are from the west of the state. They're going to be battling out presume. It's not it's not. It's not going to be as much ideological as geographical. And i would keep my eye on. Vow are coups. Some comes county Commissioner in in the eastern part of the state is the one that might prevail in the democratic primary interesting. So you think you think fetterman is not a done deal no. I don't think veterans day connor lambs going to jump in and that's going to mess up Fetterman who starting extents the

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