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That's right my wife is banned me from the roof because I have mild vertigo and she doesn't think it's a great idea for me to be up there is mild vertigo is there such as yeah yeah I'll already goes I like being part of pregnant or it's something called I think crystal lying in something where you get this blockage in in hearing you lose some of your balance and so some of your balance some of your back okay but you know I've been the funny thing this is so we were but I've been doing yoga and I now have greatly improve balance so now I can really go up on the roof and not be worried I'm going to fall off and then you can use that down dog and then open we do it right now right you can describe it on the air I did it yesterday for an hour really yeah I thought about getting the did you ever think like in any other job all works done your which would bring you on or talking about what a great guy you are never going to no that's the I'm not either but I I think that's the purpose of your games you can get a little more flexible and yeah I think everybody your knees are bending wait a minute leases here let's look like push ups what is that because enough dog that's enough dog it was Clark available now from K. Tel records for your loans or you're too right now I I am mentally doing it somebody has to stay here and talk with John who was it I can't because this is a family show and that would be kinda nasty in John now holds the record for how many times the one guy has rolled his eyes in the in Israel see you don't you're not into the yoga no well my wife's a certified yoga instructor choose your guest yogi there is out there call me okay I think so anyway so if I didn't if I didn't learn how to how to do it I would be in big trouble so I can I can do the outgoing if you didn't do any of you just be a bubble yeah why don't take I don't take Spidey while people in our young right away you so smile you saw that on your radio dial anyway so I don't take yoga from my wife because that would never work so yeah is there any chance that you can't have your wife teach you yoga they just want to know what the daughter there's no way I'm taking yogurt from younger I call yoga there's no way I'm taking you know displaying your line yeah see how we operate here John he's really thrilled now that he's actually consented to join us we're talking about Clark and see this all started nice John have you ever done habitat builds yes I have in and now we got you talking bout yogurt with your wife yeah so when you when you when you started how did you start John knew did you just did you call did you make a phone call it wasn't that easy there was a sign up online they make it very easy yeah for one of our bills and so you.

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