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His funeral arrangements are pending the symphony care nursing home network is asking the Illinois National Guard to help with covert nineteen testing its nursing homes across the state there been deadly outbreaks in Joliet and Chicago's south shore neighborhood the company says nursing facility should be given the same level of priority as hospitals the city council this afternoon approved an emergency order giving the mayor's office more spending authority through June to come back over nineteen the mayor says the order is needed to move quickly on buying products like PP opponents say the measure lacks funding guarantees for minority groups and low income neighborhoods it was a close vote your honor there are there are twenty nine years twenty one days the council voted virtually if their second online meeting this week thirty eighth ward alderman Nicholas sposato distributing meals to first responders and National Guard members working at the drive through cobra testing site at Harlem and Irving the first responders say kind gestures don't go unnoticed we're always surprised by knock on the door with bags of sandwiches donuts boxes of coffee these are little things that really help keep the morale up to contribute you can contact the older man's office president trump called the post office a joke today and says he's not ready to bail it out the post office should raise the price of a package by approximately four times because it raising for some reason these people have been there a long time but for some reason the very cozy with some of these companies he says the prices don't go up hill with all the ten billion dollar loan promise to the postal service by Congress and the historic Indiana beach amusement park has a new buyer Chicago businessman Jean staples is reportedly purchasing the ninety four year old Indiana beach and boardwalk resort on lake Shafer in Monticello Indiana the move comes two months after apex holdings which previously owned the park announced it was shutting down in declaring bankruptcy staples goals that the attraction open later this year the sale isn't a done deal yet it hinges on a three million dollar loan White County would be to make available to the owner right bro WGN news WGN sports here's Kevin Powell thank you Kim the Cincinnati Bengals have added a weapon for quarterback Joe burrow selecting a receiver tee Higgins from clubs in in the first pick of the second round of the NFL draft that pick was followed by the line selecting USC receiver Michael Pittman the lines then drafting Georgia running back D'Andre swift safety Xavier McKinney a player some thought the bears my target is headed to the giants the bears are up in seven picks and the governor's office released the new guidelines the restrictions for golf courses when they are permitted to reopen a week from today all tee times will need to be booked online or over the phone and players will be grouped into some sort of four sons are also be fifteen minutes between at T. times are also asking golf courses to elevate the bottom of the Cup so players don't have to stick their hand all the way down into the hole and flags cannot be removed from the comp as well clubhouses halfway houses beverage carts will also be closed and all the Blackhawks with was the Wildcats and white Sox baseball Kevin Powell WGN sports your money on WGN the Dow closed up two hundred sixty points nasdaq up one thirty nine the S. and P. five hundred up thirty eight points gold down today oil up sixty two cents at seventeen dollars twelve cents and the Vicks at the CBOE down five points I'm Kim Gordon on Chicago's very own seven there's a chance your local geico agent has the same hyper specific taste in music as you yeah I can't get enough of Neil operatic repeat do you listen detailed antenna less works only every day but there's a better chance your local geico agent could help you out with insurance will work hard to provide sound advice and significant savings you don't need a half underground music scene to do that local geico agents call or visit yours today I was thinking proconsul it's a Friday afternoon and I like this afternoon because the sun is still out sounds like a clock tonight's that's then and now we've you know we've we've hit a new peak Mr Richard Roper or almost eight o'clock at night and let's talk a little bit about things that people can do this weekend because they're stuck at home for maybe the fifth or sixth weekend and there's there's more to come here and we can talk about things are having on regular television and then of course the over the top stuff as well what do you like well a couple of quick things I wanted to mention though that's good for calving the bears are working on a trade they're looking to trade Mitch Trubisky for reliable internet connection so at forty five they had never regional drum machine there and I know I do not have my drum machine yeah click next time and you know what and I have to mention this to to all my old all of our the learning and Gavin and and Rone everybody that my tax and it would been playing the angels in California tonight like I like to look at the schedule think about Lucas G. lido on the mound against Mike trout in a couple of hours but since that's not happening we're going to segue to our home entertainment choices rolling to start off with one of it's going to be an H. B. L. causing a lot of people of course do have HBO or HBO go in their part of their cable package and there's a movie this is a movie not a series so it's a one off it's you know an hour and forty five minutes it's called bad education now you might remember this in the early two thousands there was this incredible scandal on Long Island the Roslyn school district was ranked one of the top five in the country so property values are going up the community and this guy named Frank the song with the star school superintendent he was really turning everybody you know under this great school system I'm in the meantime he was living out of double life but a triple live and he and his number two were embezzling a total of eleven point two million dollars from the school system for Vegas trips and Hamptons homes and they got away with it forever and Chile high school journalists at the beacon the school paper started looking into like what what are all these bills for repairs on the roof is leaking so the movie's got bad education and Hugh Jackman plays Frank the sum you Jacqueline plays he's perfectly cast year because this guy you just don't use of handsome guy always had beautiful suits you know was very commanding and everybody thought it was a way to work turns out maybe he really wasn't you just had like a photo of his dead wife in the office if you Jacqueline gives one of the best performances of his career as this guy so this is very much in the vein of movies like the big short and I Tonya and American hustle where they take a real life scandal and turned into a great fictional movie I love this film three and a half stars for bad education and it's a single film this is not a this is not a situation where you have to sit around and wait for the next episode now I need to know if if it's a major movie I mean it starts you Jacqueline Allison Janney academy award winner and she places number two in the office and she's like she's got you know so she's like with the number two person in the school superintendent's office right so you know she's making a a a reasonable middle class salary and she's got like a million dollar home in the Hamptons well okay so it's interesting because I've seen the commercial for this and I'm like this totally does look like a Hollywood release was it recently attended is that I'm I'm honestly not sure it might have been an HBO original movie from the start but it certainly plays like a full feature length film and at the end it is the kind of star because it's not a giant superhero movie it's ME it's perfect for your comfort living room viewing if you and if you love just it's just a great old fashioned movie you know about it about this scandal and it's it's really funny and it's outrageous at the heart of it is because you Jack man who'd like you know he even goes it gets a little bit talk at one point I'm the school dine they're using the company credit cards like nobody's business and this week it's really incredible especially it's got that classic epilogue and we see what happened to the real life people in this movie because of all the characters here all the major characters are based on real life figures and who really did the stuff you see in this world it's interesting as Hugh Jackman is now become a character actor he is one of the best looking leading man most talented leading men in Hollywood in decades right you can do everything the same dance he's got the whole thing going and and is it is a nuanced comedian he can do drama and now he's sort of shifting before almost before his time into a guy who is now you just want to take those kind of rough edged character parts I think you know he he did it because he did the you know he did do the romantic comedies and dramas and stuff but I think he could do that in his sleep and as you mentioned he's a real renaissance man you check with the kind of singular count on he would be a major movie star in the thirties or the fifties or the seventies you know he has that kind of wide ranging talent but I think he I think you're absolutely right I think what draws him to roles like this is it something different because he's not you know he's playing a guy at first watch to be like oh yeah typical you Jack when he's the hero school superintendent the ladies are all fawning all over him he's got this connection with the students but it's all a sham it's all a con job to the point where you know I don't give too much away but their trips to Vegas and things that happen where you're like how did he get away with this well for what now it is good to record this because it does totally looks like at they get Adam McKay because it it it's got that feeling like you know you got from the big short you got from those other kinds of movies that that had this it almost myopic view where you get to look inside the souls of these people are doing the wrong thing yeah the the directors a guide by the name of a Cory Finley AT and I honestly you know do not know a lot of Cory Finley's work out but it's clearly influenced by some of the films we've talked about because it has you know almost as breezy style to it early on in kind of a a soundtrack that's kind of you know like you're going along for the ride and then you know the the music changes and the total look of the film changes things get more and more serious but that it's just a terrific screenplay as well the screenplay was actually written by a guy who was a middle school student in the district at the time oh my god which is really cool too you know so he was like an eighth grader something at the time of this scandal so he wrote this it's a fictional screenplay but it's clearly yeah he's clearly a guy would know the territory and they do a beautiful job in the film you know you feel that certain kinda Long Island working upper middle class Allison Janney got the accent down as those you Jack you know you believe that they were born and bred there right this is not New York City this is yet we completely Long Island and of course this is not dissimilar from the Long Island Lolita era of Long Island real long on was really just sort of known more for stupid scandal it was an absolute and and another actor who's not who's carved out a really big guy cool career as a character actor ray Romano who's seen in movies like the Irishman and he plays the school board president here who's perfected this year he's remodels great and he didn't know about it but it's also like how did you not know about yeah because nobody wanted to ask any questions because the test scores were through the roof and as I mentioned the realtors were always sending gift baskets the Frank the sounds like all these people were moving from all over the northeast the eastern part of the country to live there because the public school system was getting these kids in the harbor to yell and they never he never he didn't fudge the test scores he really was that good of an educator Frank the sound guy played by Hugh Jackman I just thought maybe he should have a few more Bucks for herself which we run as Mercedes going to school at you know if Lori Laughlin had known about this she would not be going to jail that was that's the one thing when I was in the second bad education H. B. O. premieres this Sunday evening all right and we'll be there all right let's talk about that let's talk about the Jordan I keep going to Jordan show it's it's not the lap dance there are a lot of it is not going to be about Jordan in the two episodes we're gonna see this week so we'll talk about that and other things that you can watch on Netflix and things are not comparing Richard Roeper is here if you got a phone call to get the question three one two nine eight one seven two hundred you've got something that you absolutely love on television and you want to tell us about it you can do that as well three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred let us in now check in with Lauren after here's the traffic but you by the Illinois department of transportation the south shore line has announced that all monthly passes purchased for may will be valid for the entire month of June due to the extension of the stay at home order starting tonight at ten CTA southbound red line trains will not stop at Granville Thorndale four Brynmawr until four AM Monday.

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