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So you're working on a side project. It's kind of the extension of this practice, but but instead of Harry Potter get romance novels Hambo, there'd right? Well, yeah. Instead of Harry Potter were doing romance novels and then instead of sacred reading or doing sacred writing. So it's a whole other perspective on sacred practice North Sea new huddled away lately. Working on a new trailer for that. And if I remember right, you're going to cut that into this conversation, right? Yes. The new trailer for hot and bothered which Vanessa and I are working on in very excited about we'll play now know now, no. Okay. Now, I have two theories for you. The first is about the apocalypse. I don't think it will be one big event. I think that apocalypse is happen all of the time. We all have them when someone dumps us or the depression fog comes rolling in families have them. When a young parent gets cancer loses a job societies have them when unjust laws are passed. Or when it suddenly seems as though half of a country is standing up and saying me too. I've had a few. My dad got a brain tumor when I was eight my grandparents lived at the Northridge earthquake epicenter in nineteen ninety four and a few years ago. I started living in constant contemplation of the apocalypse. The photos of hurricane Harvey Maria initiated, my spiral the latest climate change report that will be all underwater in twenty years was the most recent log on that fire. Now, here's my second theory. I think writing grow Mance novels can help us get ready for these apocalypse is in the heart of my recent spiral while hiding Germain covers and tried to distract myself from thoughts about how to put my dog down when we run out of food. I started reading romance novels to calm myself down enough to fall asleep. And then I started writing one of my own I won't tell you all the juicy details. But let's just say I have a great imagination. It involves a Jewish girl. Living on Harvard yard with a really cute dog who has to pick between two brilliant and hunky men who are both understandably completely in love with her. And it was so fun to right? And it was also healing. It was healing to stop imagining. What to do when the world ends? And instead to force myself to imagine a happy ending night after night. I would crawl into bed with my story and have to figure out how to get to a good true. Happy place through love. I had such a profoundly positive experience writing my room. It's novel that I asked ten of my friends to write their own Ivan Esa Vanessa I've been Esa. I. Let me get my big complaint about having your friends. Right. Romance novels out of the way up top none of them wrote a sex scene not one they all talked a big game. But not one followed through complaint over. But what my friends and I learned again. And again is that writing a romance novel is a radically hopeful act, you sit down to a blank page, and then you fill it with all of your thoughts in issues about love, and you have your characters confront despair. But then you write your way toward to soulmates writing off into the sunset on white stallions to pursue their lesbian piracy empire. Obviously. I was supposed to coach them through their writing process. And I didn't always have a gentle hand, I think we're to to set to boring in our understanding of what romance is I mean that sounds like a great book. That's not a romance novel. Your two main characters have to phone love. I sometimes made it a little bit about myself. This is the difference between you, and I I love a decision. Oh, I hated decision. That's what's scary about writings as soon as you put a word on the page, then it's there, and it's final and everything else that you write is built around that word. I'm way realized on some level that it wasn't really about the romance novels. It was about us. Why did you say yes to this? You're pregnant, you sure. A dog you've a life..

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Ivan Esa Vanessa I, Harry Potter, Harvey Maria discussed on Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

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