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We don't so. I think the next year we'll determine and the strength of the hawks but they definitely their pro current government and We're pro independent decision making by the by the afghan but but they're they're pro government because they believe they're on our side and they're the good guys in everybody in the taliban are evil people and we've mentioned and it's a risky thing to point out. They didn't kill anybody this year. They lived up to their promises. And sometimes we haven't always lived up to our promises. Sometimes we fudge on a two. But it'll be interesting to see. I'm markus down checking one year. I hope it lasts for a year where we don't have to really get you. Get into some depth. In-depth problems discuss a- afghanistan where the whole thing blew up to say this. Because i'm not implying that americans are stupid but they're heavily propagandized. I've been if you asked a hundred people. Whether the taliban attack the united states probably ninety five percent of them would say yes people. Just simply don't know are the taliban good guys when i want to hang out with them. No probably not. It's not my flavor. However the fact is they didn't attack us on nine eleven that was someone else But americans you propagandize mike closing. Dr paul is nothing special. I just wanted to once again. Thank our audience people that have stuck with us and continue to watch us to be able to keep in touch with you. Our continue to rise. Police subscribe to this youtube channel. If you haven't checked your notifications a lot of people in the comments say hey. I was getting notifications and now i don't anymore. We know what happened. Maybe it's good. Maybe it's russian hackers but checking on vacations and make sure they're on Sign up for subscribe to the channel. And also go to ron paul institute dot org and subscribe to free updates from the institute as well. That will also help us. Stay in touch with you. Obviously when you're subscribe to our channel we can't communicate with you directly in case for some reason Something happens to our channel. But if you sign up to subscribe to subscribe to ron paul institute then we can keep in touch and let you know what's happening. What's coming up. What are we have planned for the year where we going if we keeps getting kicked out of places. So thank you. Please don't forget to subscribe very good. And once again i would like to thank our viewers for tuning in today and welcome back whenever as quickly as possible. I want to follow up on something. You said daniel about You know the american people not really knowing what was going on in afghanistan. But i think that can be applied even more so to iraq because we lived through the propaganda And how they got this country ready to go in there and it was. It was took a position of most americans. Didn't want any part with a until the point. Where saddam hussein saddam..

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