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Watch it all with your guys and see the name lipscomb by ssim's show up on tv show discount afoot of o on a really great you know i mean it's been it's been really deciding it's been fine it's been great to carry out of the left of name out to a lotta people who's never heard of before and no no but but it doesn't really seem ten until you see until you see it up on the street and um so fun times for everybody to be coach was of the same kind of dancing in your watch party as there was after he won the atlantic son terni why with a one size fits all right there i i'm finished with uh have a fun we've had a great way her guys have been excited energetic as you can imagine and so uh now we got a game before find will we'll do business but i did enjoy the dancing coach you guys when you're converts tournament this is after you start one in three in league play how'd you characterize the journey and the growth for your team from say the first of the year to where you are now well we definitely grown as all themes do uh you know but i i think we've it's been a real positive experience we got off to that tough start as you mentioned um and that really sent us back i'm a we we have played very well and nine conference fly in info uh start carpets by warning three uh we have to reassess a lot of things and um we didn't make any wholesale changes there wasn't any you know if you really anything significant but it did it did take us back to the basics and say okay we got up we gotta do things a little differently if we want to have some success from this point on considering the big picture coach how confident is your team i think pretty confident uh we we don't start a single senior are nobody in our top six is a senior uh but we have a lot of experience uh we.

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