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As the name implies mobile testing facilities, often in trailers move around to where they are needed. They generally offer free tests with no ID required. Johnson is offering no details on where or when Skagit County might begin. Mobile testing. Corwin Heiko Mon is Seattle's school board, adopting a plan to start students by remote learning this fall with some reservations. The decision was unanimous. But board members like Chandra Hampson say there were not enough details about educational requirements with versions of schedule grating. Could see attendance. Uh and there will need to be significant work in these areas. With the board going forward. School District staff say they'll have more information on grating weekly schedules and more, but it may not come until after the first day of school, which is just three weeks away. Three families in three different Washington counties, finding a complaint against the State Board of Education and the state superintendent's office. The family's claim the state isn't meeting its obligation to what you're a basic education for their Children who each have special educational needs, almost calling Johnson The complaint centers on rules adopted by the state Board of Education and O S P I. When they relax the number of instructional hours that schools have to provide. The last spring when everyone was sent home. They redefined what an instructional our means. And for students with disabilities who need more school support, not less. The lawsuit alleges. Great harm has been done. Cathy George, an attorney representing the families, tells the Seattle Times. The decision was also made with no public process and no comments from these families. The families have filed the petition for judicial Review in Thurston County. Carleen Johnson come on NEWS NEWS Time. 11 34. Here's what's coming up. I'm Frank Lindsay. Federal agents and protesters face off in central Oregon Company Time, 11 34 and Kira Jordan. Any improvement in traffic.

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