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Artists or specific writers. What is it about fat person. The just triggers that in you and it helps really a let go of the envy and bringing appreciation for them but it also helps you think creatively about what it is you want in your life and why like. Why is that resonating. Yeah that's so good Ashley joins me for these episodes. Sometimes co founder and peak mind. She's a clinical psychologist one of her. Big soapboxes is is around. We'll call them negative emotions but emotions that we just tend to not enjoy having a being envious of other people is something that we don't enjoy and we don't even like to admit that we are like. Oh no i would never want blah blah blah. And i'm like okay. Well you're having a reaction yes you do. And that's okay and her point and then when it's so aligned just what you're saying. Is these emotions. Emotions are a quick and easy way to give us a lot of information all in one burst and especially these difficult emotions that we don't like having anger sadness. Resentment envy those emotions are information rich. If we choose to point ourselves directly at them admit that we're experiencing them and glean the information from them that they hold and it's so beautiful because people who like the life design stuff we talk about this is squarely it right. Like look that envy in the eye and say what can i learn from it because then you're taking that position of like this emotion that i'm not enjoying is actually becoming a tool for me. It's actually shining a light more clearly on a direction. That i can go then. I probably could have figured out. Had i not paid attention to it. It's so good. Yeah well. I think we've just been taught to suppress suppress suppressed. Anything negative we suppress was exhausting. Will in what about me. If i'm envious of this other person that must mean. I'm not good enough in that area or i'm.

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