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So maybe there's something behind the oldest because of that because of where they come from they know how to fight harder to get there but yeah you always hard to explain how how that can possibly happen to reach the level of fame. He did from from the starting point. He had right just to finish off. I just want to tips from one from each of you about a sports documentary that we might not have seen or listeners. Might not have thought of. I'm going to go with one I've i've often talked about. I'm not quite a sports documentary. But it's tenuous enough that i can include it as a sports documentary Film and i think bbc. I play could minding the gap which is about These kids who who kind of form the basis that friendships around skateboarding and while it's not really about skateboarding tool it's much more about sort of friendships and father's and family It's an unbelievably An emotional film. And i definitely recommend anyone to watch it. I guess i'm gonna go with well. I think the first fill the first documented vessel in the cinema. i think was when we were kings. Which is about them. Mohammed ali's rumble in the jungle in nineteen seventy four year. I guess showed us alre age. The idea that you can tell us sporting story in a really cinematic way on the big screen Recently i saw from so power which is about the music festival. That was that don king per on alongside the bumble in the jungle. And i hadn't seen how things about ten years old. I haven't seen that before. And i really recommend that you're wins if you enjoyed when we were kings and from that era not quite a sport from it's more about the music But yeah i thought it was really fantastic. And if you james brown fran music of everything. I would really really strongly recommend tastic survivor. Surely i'm gonna i'm gonna premiere. I was thinking ep out there now. Less square o'clock tonight. I was thinking more complicated. Banner is kobe on the beach right now. But for the for the big brazilian premier. Now it's a real shame and it's one of those things a we've actually Pitchy supply us with a huge box full of food and drink to to enjoy tonight. So it's the next best thing for sure. Yeah i've got one just got it just got delivered excellent and i hope that there's also some kind of added poignancy to the film at the moment when you watch it. This wasn't something we plan. I think we've become so used to watching games in this quite steroids environment at the moment. So hopefully some kind of overwhelming about seeing pele clay in front of the fans for the fans. Seeing the crowd react to him. I'm watching fans lose. Themselves emotionally during a game of football particularly in seventy john film under that mexican son i think it provides a hopefully an added level of poignancy reminds us that football and sport bring people together like nothing else really. Ain't that the truth. But listen ben day thanks very much for your time. Really appreciate it. Great film and recommend it to everyone. They'll it by the time this comes out. There's only coming out friday. Everyone they have seen it trevor. East martin campaign on. Twitter is is relentless. Thanks richard thanks for having us..

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