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Talking to Mike Klis getting a little bit of a check in on some of the cuts I guess in the end and and Mike put it perfectly there I guess in the end you can understand that so the vets are going to be the first to go you're not gonna be looking AT these guys as potentially practice what players maybe a little bit of a surprise with don bar clay only because the amount of reps he was getting with the ones early in training camp it seems to me that over the course of training camp and preseason you an opportunity to watch guys develop and grow so for example Mike Purcell who's gonna join us here a little later on in the program is a perfect example of a guy that went out and took the job right so what Mike Purcell did is he got off to what was considered over a reasonable store in training camp he was noticed sometimes sometimes it was more of a DaMarcus Walker I mean he was the nose and represent Kerr was early there too and because you're the on the defensive side of the ball sometimes it's a little bit more difficult to stand out what you're getting interceptions were obvious sack because you can't actually hit the quarterbacks so you had to wait your turn after Mike Purcell but what she did over the course of time over the course of training camp and the preseason is he went out and took the job meanwhile guys like so Cravens who by the way I actually likes to a quite a bit there's a reputation out there a perception of so Cravens my experience with him of all you've always been very positive he's always been very professional with me last year I know door towards the tail end of the season his experiences with fans Joseph I mean you probably be mad too if you're a healthy scratch you'd come off I or and you fell out of favor with the coaching staff and you were just bear in the same thing a Shane ray just fell out of favor the Broncos wanted to give a shot because there was an investment it didn't quite work out but he's an example kind of like a little bit the option of Mike Purcell over the course of time over the course of training camp and preseason games it just never really kind of fully came together there were splashes early on in camp he had a couple of nice plays couple of interceptions had some good plays in the game but you saw last night for example where he missed all any he missed on a wide open tackle that he had to make and it is up leading to a now that eventually the proctors Rabal to make a turnover but it really wasn't necessarily because the sewer and then and then later on he ended up coming up with the tackle and strip but again at that point you kind of mostly knew what you were getting there trade Marshall had shown more consistency Vic Fangio has been giving him a bit more tough love in the media but he'd show more consistency up to this point and now he that that's why he ends up probably making this roster as the fourth safety that it's it's amazing turn of events actually because we came into training camp with this idea of a super deep safety group right we we pretty much marked it down as one of the deepest troops all the team but as time has developed it didn't end up being the case who knows if the multi Thomas was stayed healthy right he's got a leg injury that Vic Fangio characterize last night after the game as potential keeper about month maybe two months she mark of Thomas got banged up in the game too could've been a guy to make the roster as a special teams ace and so now like sort of through process of elimination tray Marshall who played a lot last night does not find himself to be the fourth safety and in the meantime as a result of the goalkeeper for safety's you're to keep ninety bees overall do Dawson who's now a part of the Broncos in that trade becomes your fifth cornerback and again dupe Dawson might be here in part because of maybe some concerns about price Callahan's health his what's been banged up and I'll be looking he's been he's been limited rap guy at this point I mean since he got hurt it was actually the Saturday we discussed scrimmage more the Saturday practice here at the stadium was where he alternately got hurt and and so now you may have been decided to bring in do Dawson as a bit of insurance for Bryce Callahan maybe it's a bit of well the vaunted buys B. is is our fourth quarter but we want to see with this guy can do Duke Austin five eleven one ninety seven and as a Mike Klis detailed very nicely there for four six forty that he ran in the combine last year last year it's not often that you move on from second round picks after just one year usually let me list here locally the experience is bad you give them multitudes of chances to change everyone's minds I mean it it be interesting to see how bill Belichick would retreat to Marcus Walker at this point I'll be dorks Walker this is his last gasp with the Broncos I think he's on but if it didn't happen now you just don't really know what was going to happen for him and I I I don't think he had any value at all at this point is forced trade value you just don't see it like one year removed trading your second round pick for a swap in late rounds and it is a swap the brokers got seven out of it but he's he's fast he's considered instinctual cornerback okay so this the thing about do Dawson that I it that I've come to understand and I do remember a bit from last year covering the draft what what he is is more instinctual and and there is athleticism there but he has at times because of of the size and because of maybe what's considered a bit of a lack of elite athleticism he is not really translated just yet but I don't even know if you really give him enough time and so he's a little bit of a diamond in the rough I guess we kind of made the same argument ultimately about sewer trades we kind of said look this guy really hasn't had a real chance to show anybody what he could really do well we're back here again but the one thing you have here with Duke Dawson that wasn't the case was still Cravens if you're not coming in to this thing with a bunch of questions about his personality his work ethic those things were kind of what was driving the conversation with super Cravens when the Broncos acquired him from Washington and remember of course at that time there was a lot of conversation also about whether or not he was truly it well for the long run if he was going to be a guy that wanted to retire from the NFL I never got that sets from sue I I again I always had a positive interaction was who Cravens but again that doesn't mean that he's going to be successful in this league three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five is our phone number so so that that's kind of what catches you up for today otherwise not a ton other spice bread lately are no longer on this roster former third round pick for the Broncos that twenty seventeen draft continues to just look really really brutal and at this point it's really tough to have to feel like I I mean really that range of the twenty six twenty seventeen drafts maybe even a bit in the twenty fifteen draft if the Broncos hadn't changed the way that they were doing things I mean who knows with this team will be right now are you for work for the twenty eighteen to twenty nineteen dress what we expect those to be I'll be with this team could be bottom of the barrel in every category it doesn't matter what how many that you bring it you have to have good drafts that death is so so important to the success of your roster and part of the struggles that they've had over the last couple years were because of those wraps in in Langley man good luck to you you transition from wide receiver quarterback back to wide receiver it didn't work out here I'd say it's for your best shot now it's probably something in the XFL but at this point it looks like it's gonna be difficult for you to catch on an NFL roster when we come back we're gonna check in with the guy that's definitely on this roster very impressive throughout the course of preseason another guy ascending continue to get better and that's just in Holland he's gonna Taurus next a Broncos country tonight I'm Reid Edwards this came away.

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