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You concerned at all about the name yeah because when you say the alliance of american football league it comes out as the acronym awful that's true that's true i'm glad you pointed that out if that was actually the name of my entity i'd be concerned but you keep packing on the word league at the end we're not a lead this is one of the things you have to understand we're we're looking at what the future of sport is right and one of the things that we looked at was every aspect of how the sport was constructed yeah the league in a union an association union at cetera your separating the players from the game so what would happen if you actually embedded the two and you created an alliance between the two so we don't refer to ourselves first of all we don't refer stuff is an acronym we are the alliance and second of all we don't use the word league what we're trying to get away from at a fundamental level we lost the commissioner we lost the idea of the league we lost the idea of separating the players out of the process and making them a part of it those are all things that really matter to us because ultimately if we can build an alliance of fans and players and football we have something that really matters yeah that's true isn't that what you get everybody in on it i get that the other thing i have to ask i feel like you're kind of the jets and what they did to the buffalo bills this draft because vince mcmahon the guy who partnered with your dad for the xfl came out with this somewhat nebulous statement i believe in january that we're bringing the l f l back it may be launching in twenty twenty we may have some partnerships it was very ambiguous at best about some concrete details and then lo and behold you jump right in front of him and you actually have a heart start deadline the year before he wants to launch the new league nfl and you have a television partner was that the plan well i tell you bill bill polian told me something that i love he said each week you go out and you play a different team and they play their game you.

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