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You with us today alongside me as always at my great friend Mr al Conexant al how you doing today you know what I'm doing fantastic loving these opportunities were seeing was markets giving us some gifts it sure is and I can't say I'm doing any better in that I'm just fantastic it's always great to be back online trading academy has been teaching people just like you for over twenty three years how to generate income utilized in the financial markets we have the stock market the options market the futures market and the forex market we do that at our local academy right here in San Jose now that could be for income during your working years or income and even managing your own retirement bucket well we've been talking a lot about financial literacy or lack there of for many months now and we've been raising awareness to that we have a lot of people responding to that because people just don't know what to do with their finances what to do with their retirement accounts are four oh one K.'s IRA's and looking to do better than what they've been getting because these markets we've had a huge as you know a huge opportunity this last mean what we'll call last ten years but especially right now what do you see you know that that's happening right now because what you know the markets are really shrugging off a lot of this we'll call it bad news all that's happening in your we're having people come online trading account with for more help how are you helping people generate income and really just upgrading their lifestyle utilizing these financial markets here wishing on a lot of other news that goes both ways negative and positive and and we see the market reacting the Inc in a significant way both directions in the end that's okay that's just providing greater opportunities for us on a shorter term basis but the market does just kinda shrug these things off it always go but I think last week I I referenced a rubber band and how the markets like a rubber band you stretch it you let it go it goes back to its normal position or condition that's what the market just to indeed seeks a normal valuation but what I want to talk a little bit about it because well I know we have a lot of new listeners Josh talk a little bit more about but we call it TA online trading academy now is a good first of all let me just talk about what it is not it's not just an online only education source you know even though that is in our name online but we do have the bricks and mortars classrooms which is we we feel is very important and then also we don't just address one thing it's not just for people that want to be a day trader or anything specific we provide education for all of the assets and the in all trading and investing styles were you looking for short term income or for investing for long term well in this is what it is tea is the world's leading provider of education is for for people that are looking to gain the appropriate knowledge and then to build the skills to help manage risk and then trade confidently is also really anybody that's looking to you know have a in rich lifestyle well that's exactly it it's that is the real goal we always ask people what they're why is it's not just to to make money and then having that money sitting in a pile in the corner so you can look at I know you got that pilot here also well okay would not that everybody wants to do that I just like to jump in that pile of money once in awhile they rode up in the air but there's a reason why you know why do you want to to have this extra money may maybe you need it but maybe there are some things that you would like to do that would elevate your lifestyle and that's what we try to do we try to give you that opportunity to to be able to do that and eight do you need to do it in the proper setting you know there's a there's a limit to the amount that you can actually learn I think can comprehend in just a lecture type setting so we understand that we understand is a lot easier to just and not do anything and and hope things turn out well so we we kind of have the look at that and then in our education have the kind of incorporated that issue so we will I called immersion education it is education in a classroom and interactive setting with somebody who is a successful full time trader and that's when you want to learn you want to be learning how to do things right it you're making mistakes why you made a mistake with somebody who can understand that and help you out we actually have our students trading it as soon as possible so they can have that guidance with somebody who is a a professional and you know we know that I'd like I you know that I am not known as Mister technology is I've heard that once in a while I'm willing to admit it over the air waves here but you know and is often times when I have if they like my one of my kids trying to hold me identify how do you something that's from a technology standpoint and what they do is they just take it and they push a bunch of buttons and then hand like a controller back to me say did you get your stand that no yeah I have to get my hands on it and that's the same thing that's the way that you should learn how to trade and invest and that's really just like any other skill well exactly nothing that you do you really learn the right way or completely until you are actually experiencing it and then that's the way it should be so what our students want to learn is is how to use a similar tools in the trading techniques that the pros on Wall Street using why is an important well because they're consistently profitable and they almost always have more wins and losses in the winds are bigger than their losses and those are things that that you really should want to strive for if you're going to be investing in training if those people are doing it if the Wall Street pros are doing it in the the general public the the retail trader that's the general public is not on a consistent basis there has to be something different than they are doing well the tools and resources are essentially there for you to use you just need to understand how to use them you need to get the right education one of the things that Wall Street does the pros do that that I think most retail traders don't is is and they know how to manage risk their skilled at doing that but not so much with you you are often their clients but think about it if you happen to be in the market in two thousand eight you know how did how do are they helping you control risk of potential losses they they really work they were doing in it themselves they were protecting themselves they were making money but they weren't really helping you in that respect so you I wouldn't want you want to do the same thing that they're doing if it's available and it is and it's really just about having an enriched lifestyle it in you just have to think a little bit differently and be like a banker institution and not trading again so we just have to think differently and do different things to have different results you mention a couple things you have you talked about two directions the markets go up and they go down the also go side was as well you can create a strategy for any market conditions so that we are not at the mercy of what the market is doing you just want to move and it's always going to move so you can do that for your short term income you know multiple sources of income we're gonna talk about that is well then second segment but you can also do that for you know long term wealth and you know al you mention it the key thing there you talked about the bricks and mortar and that's.

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